Hollow Life Lich passive does not exploit Drain Life's 30 % Leeching and others spe bonus


Hollow Lich non picked:


Hollow Lich picked:


I don’t think this is a bug. The character screen will only show global effects that apply to your character, not effects that only apply to a specific skill. If Drain Life gave a global 30% leech then Hollow Life should convert that to damage & show up on the character screen. Does Drain Life do more damage with Hollow Life has been picked?

It did more damage but just a bit. Like from 1260 to 1288. Something tiny.

There is a problem something anyway I think.

Yeah, and I’m not entirely sure what the interaction with that passive should be.

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I’d say this interaction is working as intended technically, but it’s reasonable to expect the leech to be converted. I’ll bring it up internally and see if we want to change it.

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