Hello all! I have long played in Last epoch and decided to return, please advise how to zero the account?

What do you mean “Zero” the account?

If you want to start over with nothing, you can remove all the files from the Saves folder while the game is not running - this will remove the Stash & any savegames. Note: you need to disable Steam Cloud (if you use it) when doing this else Steam will just try and sync the files it has back. Once deleted, then you can re-enable Steam Cloud, but you must tell it to take Local as the correct sync else it will just keep trying to give you back your old files.

If you just want to start new characters you can delete the old ones in-game, and/or play in SSF mode where your stash will not be shared.

When version 0.9 patch comes, then you can start new chars/new stash in the multiplayer/online version - everyone will start fresh in online mode. All offline chars will remain and can still be played.

Thanks :blush:

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