Help,, full game release

Hi to all, i am new to this game…i have buy the game and I notice its in beta version
I want to know when will last epoch be fully ready at full version. thx

We all do.

The current goal is to release 1.0 by the end of this year. Judd Cobler, EHG CEO and Game Director, said as much during the Patch 0.9.1 Overview video.


Actually an extremely tricky question to answer.
What do you call “fully ready”? Or “at full version”?

At some point, possibly this year, a version will come out with a shiny 1 in front instead of a 0.
I assume that would be the “fully ready” part.
But it won’t be even close to a “full version”. Even the storyline won’t be complete by then.
However, it will get rid of the “beta” tag, so that’s probably what you are after. :slight_smile:

Version 1.0, coming out of beta: later this year presumably, maybe 2024 at worst. A full, finished version: most likely never.


Thx !!!

I consider the game finished right now, there’s hundreds upon hundreds of hours of content to play. That said, full release is happening this year. Go ahead and get it now, its easily the best ARPG on the market, even tho it’s still early access.

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Apart from it missing 3 masteries, missing skills, 1 missing chapter (I think, possible 2) & at least 1 end-game thing.


And hopefully a boatload of polish and touch ups. Some of the maps almost look like placeholders. Maybe it would’ve looked nice 2 or 3 years ago but technology has marched on quite a bit since then.

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Ya there’s more features yet to be released… But it’s a full game still lol.

i agree even listing those things, this game has 100s of hours of content (at 5k hours from just steam release personally) and i’d also consider it a full game.

Arpg graphics haven’t changed much in the last few years. If a thing looked a bit sub-par now, it’ll have looked sub-par then as well…

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Well there’s definitely some stuff that looks subpar, especially compared to D3, which I consider one of the prettiest games ever made.

But no, I mean in terms of what’s possible. ARPG’s haven’t progressed much, but plenty of the other games have.

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I dunno LE models looked like playdo characters back in the first alpha. At 1440p ultra, she lookin kinda cute now. Things can and should always improve, how much, I dunno I am just good at pressing right click.

Yeah, that’s down to the skills of the artists/etc and resources given to that department rather than technical improvements the genre has experienced.

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Well technology makes it easier to do these things, anyways. I don’t think a generation of rendering technology and GPU’s is worthless. Especially not if the other games that have come out lately are any indication.

(I mean, check out the Racer RTX 40-series tech demo from 9 months ago on Youtube. That would’ve seemed fully crazy not that many years ago.)

Yup, absolutely, improved tools to make things betterer more easily is always good, but arpgs aren’t usually striving for photorealism like certain other genres. I’d still argue that arpgs are more likely to be affected by the skill and size of the art team and how long they have to create and refine what they produce. Better tools would help that but.

I’ve not tried LE (or any other arpg) since I got my 4080 but I’d be surprised if it looked better compared to running it on my 2070 super at the same graphics settings. Faster and quieter, sure.

I tell a lie, I played a tiny amount of Grim Dawn, didn’t look any different (at 1440, max settings).

Is that an arpg? I know other genres do try to go balls to the wall on graphics…

Edit: And yes, I totally bought the 4080 for the Cyberpunk expansion and Starfield…

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As a fan of Grim Dawn, I can confirm that is the case. That game wouldn’t look any different on a CRT from the 80’s. It is beyond the help of man and the grace of technology. I feel like I’m staring at less pixelation playing Pacman for whatever reason.

No, Racer is just a tech demo, more or less.

Lol, nice. I hope at least in the latter case, you don’t feel like you wasted your money.

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I don’t have any problems with GD/TQ graphics though, in fact, I quite like them, I think they look fine (IMO) and do the job for an arpg.

Given what I play, it was absolutely a waste. :rofl: But I’m fine with that & I know I won’t need to upgrade the gpu for a long time…

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Plus the priceless, fuzzy feeling of launching a brand new game and the auto-detect automatically puts you on ultra in all categories… :yum:
I upgraded to a 3080 mostly to get ready for Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield, while waiting for them I am enjoying it on other games. Probably doesn’t make that much of a difference for Diablo 4 but I am enjoying running around flawlessly on ultra settings, and it is pretty. Very noticeable on Hogwarts Legacy as well, that was gorgeous.


Grab this mod Llama, this guy made a 4x resolution mod for GD

I have a pathetic 7600 and can run the mod at 1440p with 100+ frames, you and your 4080 will be living the GD dream.