Healing Hands and Warpath interaction

This is about Cleric’s Hammer node for Healing Hands (When you directly use a melee attack and hit at least one enemy, you have a chance to cast Healing Hands around the target).

Today was the first time I checked Healing Hands skill tree on my Paladin and was pleasantly surprised that you can actually scale this skill for damage.

Only to be super dissappointed 15 minutes later when it became clear that proccing Healing Hands through Warpath does not seem viable.

The way it works currently - node will only work on the initial first ‘‘spin’’ of Warpath.
Obviously this makes for a pretty bad and awkward experience to use Warpath like this.

Is there any reason for this node to not work like with any other melee skill? Obviously at reduced proc rate - just like ailment and similar other effect behave with Warpath.

Please make Cleric’s Hammer node work with Warpath - ‘‘whirlwind/cyclone’’ skills are such a classic archetype in aRPGs and this would make for an awesome addition to the build.

It will proc once because you activate warpath once. I’m not sure you can expect that to change.

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Well that is nonsense, as the passive clearly says “on melee hit”, not “on melee skill cast”.

No it clearly states when you use and hit with a melee attack. You aren’t using the skill another time while channeling it.


The reason this probably won’t be a thing is then it becomes mathematically the best way to do it cast-on-hit Healing Hands. It will be a solved build, with no other skill able to use the skill so quickly since Warpath hits at twice your attack rate. It’s a good thing it isn’t allowed, it’d be busted.


I played paladin in beta and loved fire warpath, so I was entirely planning to go warpath + auto healing hands with so much excitement. Felt the same way. Thankfully, rive + healing hands is still a lot of fun, but it isn’t what I wanted then. I feel like there are routes: 1, let it work at 60% reduced like everything else or 2, give healing hands an internal cooldown that scales with attack speed.

This then leads to warpath + healing hands + smite being rather silly and easy to get, but it would be fun.

This is some next level mental gymnastics to justify a shitty interaction.

I can hold down RIVE and it will proc not only on EACH OF THE THREE RIVE HITS but also continuously keep proccing as long as i hold down the button.

Why doesnt it proc on each of the warpath hits? nor does it proc if i hold down warpath after the very first hit.

Because Rive is not a channeled skill and thus you are using it over and over again with every swing. It really isn’t that hard, and if it’s mental gymnastics for you, I fear for the rest of your mental requirements.


except you aren’t using it over and over, you are just holding the mouse just like warpath, warpath is also “directly use a melee attack and hit at least one enemy”, its asinine to think using RIVE is somehow more complicated than warpath.

Except you are using it over and over again. Just because you aren’t actively removing your finger and pressing it back down, doesn’t mean you aren’t using it. And I’m glad that’s the case, because otherwise our wrists would get real bad, real fast.

Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean your opinion on it must be more important or hold some special meaning or insight.

you keep saying this as it means anything. Im holding down RIVE…and Im holding down Warpath, how am I using rive over and over again?

This is the dumbest thing I’ve had to deal with yet.

Rive, as a skill, when used attacks one time. After you attack that one time, the skill is over. Using it again attacks that one time, again. We are fortunate we don’t actively need to press the button over and over again, and being able to hold the button down doesn’t mean you aren’t using it.

But anyway, you’re not worth arguing with anymore. You’re either going to have an epiphany or continue to be ignorant and self-righteous over how abilities work in video games.

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except it isn’t. You just keep repeating this nonsense but that’s not how it works at all.

It works EXACTLY like warpath, if u keep holding it, it will keep repeating over and over.

If only Rive had the Channeling tag, would you be right.

so we agree the skills function the same way with different “tags”, nowhere does healings hands say it works differently with channeling skills/doesnt work at all when u hold down a skill.


try again.

Channeled abilities DO NOT work in the same way as non-channeled abilities. And it has always been like this.

Rive is a non-channeled ability which works like a full-auto rifle. You can hold down the skill button, and your character will keep using it repeatedly. Each use ends when the swing ends.

Warpath is a channeled ability. You hold down the skill button to begin using Warpath. Each use ends when you release the skill button. To start another use, you will have to release and then hold down the skill button again.

Imagine Warpath triggering HH every 0.25 seconds… this would be a whole new state of completely broken.

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I mean I did suggest reduced proc rate just like ailments application etc.

But also no - it wouldn’t be ‘‘completely broken’’. Considering everything else that is happening balance wise. Not to mention - you can proc Healing Hands pretty fast one after another already with Smite or idk Vengeance with some attack speed.