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HC friendly Bear companion build

This build features the bear companion which is pretty rare right now. It is hardcore viable, easy to get started, and scales decently into empowered monoliths and arena. It requires Druid mastery and level 34 to get going.

Empowered Reign of Dragons demonstration

Bear companion Druid Empowered Reign of Dragons - YouTube

How to play build and how build works

Casting thorn shield from spriggan form on the bear gives it 60% increased physical damage and bleed chance per shield effecting it on top of eterra’s blessing. Eterra’s blessing heals, cleanses, and gives speed and physical damage to the bear. Switching to werebear gives access to rampage for mobility and maul to proc entangling roots and wild command (200% minion damage). Entangling roots increases the bear’s base crit by 20% and crit multi by 50%, ice thorns damage by 50 flat, and shreds enemy physical resistance. The bear casts ice thorns when it takes damage without a cooldown. This means that the more things hitting it, the more damage it does. Switching back to spriggan form from werebear form grants ward equal to armor. If thorn shield is used on self in the previous spriggan form, this can be 20k+ ward.


Numbers are order for leveling. Passives missing points are filled in as personal preference for what you feel is lacking once the rest is done.


After you hit level 34, use all but entangling roots.
Summon Bear

Werebear form

Spriggan Form

Eterra’s Blessing

Entangling Roots

Stats to look for
  • Capped Resistance
  • Capped Crit Avoidance - use woven flesh until you have this
  • 60% Endurance - there is an extra 8% from the Chitinous Plating passives if you are not capped
  • Cast speed
  • Health
  • Minion Bleed Duration
  • Attunement
  • Vitality
  • Minion Health
  • Minion Physical damage
  • Cooldown Recovery
  • Healing Effectiveness
Unique/Legendary Options

Legacy of the Quiet Forest makes sustaining spriggan form easier but is not required because this is a dual form build.

Doublet of Onos Tull is a massive DPS buff against bosses.

Hazelroot is worth considering if you can get a legendary one with cast speed on it. This allows you to buff your own defenses while buffing your bear. Otherwise a rare staff is just better.

My Personal Character
Character Sheet




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