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Have FPS drop with a "good computer" with full low settings

Hi guys,

I wanted to play LE again with my new computer but I still have fps drop with full low settings.

I have a i5 10400F, 3060 TI and 16 gb ram.

What can I do ? :frowning:

btw, what do you need for more informations ? I have my ini files (i guess) le_graphicsmanager.ini (486 Bytes)

The link in the topic “read before” is down (?), it’s a dxdiag information you need or something ?

Edit: DxDiag.txt (94.0 KB)

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

You dont really indicate what kind of fps drops - how much? from 60 to 10, or 60 to 50? Is it in a particular map or when using a particular skill or when doing something with the UI.

Everything is relative so its hard to guess what the problem could be…

As LE is still beta and generally unoptimised, you will still see fps drops (usually normal small amounts) based on the complexity of what is going on during play, but you shouldnt get noticeable fps spikes unless there is something odd going on… For example, I use a 1060 GPU and generally play at 1080p, very low settings, 60fps limited and for 80% of play I get between 50-60 fps… when things get very busy, this might drop to somewhere in the 30-40fps range but its hardly noticeable as there are no big spikes .e.g. 60fps to 10fps suddenly.

Based on the info you have provided and making some assumptions:

  1. You need to enable Framerate limiting (foreground fps) in game instead of VSYNC. For whatever reason, Vsync doesnt seem to work as well as the in-game fps limiting and LE is known to attempt to max out your GPU without limits in place - this translates into odd things like stuttering, freezing or large FPS drops. Sometimes even crashes if you use higher quality settings without a framerate limit. Your physical screen only supports 60Hz so I would recommend that you set this to 60fps (as fast as your screen can handle).

  2. Your GPU Driver settings - I obviously cannot see what driver level overrides you have in place for your GPU… These can make a HUGE difference to the game performance so its very important to check what settings, if any, you have enabled at a driver level… I.e. you could have the driver maxing out AA even though the game has it disabled. Normal default settings at a driver level shouldnt have any issues.

  3. Anything else running at the same time you are playing… There are a fair number of issues caused by third party apps/overlays etc that intermittently cause fps drops while playing… As a test, just temporarily dont run anything else - doesnt matter how irrelevant you might think they are - just dont run them while testing LE

  4. Your dxdiag report is showing that you are on 19042 Windows 10 - there are more recent updates. Also, the diagnostic section at the end of the file is showing errors related to windows updating (WindowsWcpOtherFailure3). If there are any updates that have failed or are awaiting approval you need to resolve this… Note that Windows update can defintely affect the FPS in games. There was even an update earlier in the year that messed with this specifically before it was replaced so its important to make sure your system is updated correctly. Even windows trying to do an update in background can cause FPS issues.

  5. There are other errors on your system that might or might not be related - ideally you dont want something happening in background while playing so its best to check and make sure none of the errors are still an issue:

    • AppxDeploymentFailureBlue - this is an app from thge windows store that has failed in some way
    • RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 - this is a memory management warning error from Windows and is happening on a few apps/games - TidesOfNumenera.exe, NeedForSpeedHeat.exe, ForzaHorizon5.exe, Hearthstone.exe. Normally these just point to apps that didnt shutdown properly and correctly release memory back to the OS and most times these can be ignored… However, you seem to be getting more than the normal amount of these errors and you shouldnt really get these unless these apps are not closing properly or your system is doing odd things.
    • Your system is reporting lghub_installer.exe error - but you are using Steelseries devices… You might want to uninstall this if you are not using Logitech devices… or at least get a newer version if you are… If this was an old error that you know about, then you can ignore it.

I would also look at your View Reliability History on your system and see if Windows is warning you about something that is having issues…

EDIT: As a last suggestion that I forgot to mention, you need to monitor your hardware for temperatures, usage, clock speeds etc… and verify that everything is running within norms… I.e. your GPU is overheating because of a faulty fan and throttling back causing FPS drops etc… These kinds of things could be caused by any number of issues that may not “show up” in software without monitoring…


First at all, thanks for your answer. I’m totaly dumb because I just wrote that without more informations !

For the drop, it’s look like 60 → 15 with all classes and all map. But specialy with shaman and it’s look like thunder effect (?) :frowning:

  1. I can handle 75hz but I prefer 60 fps so ok, let’s go with 60 without vsync :slight_smile: !

  2. It’s a new computer so its the last gpu driver ! I don’t touch anything about settings (nvidia control, geforce, etc). Scared to make a mistake ahah

  3. Nope, only the game playing and steam overlay. I hate discord overlay or discord when i’m playing, no mozilla or something. Just the game.

  4. Ok, omw to update windows then. It’s a optionnal updata that’s why I don’t do it.

  5. Thanks about the facts. i didn’t notice at all and i’m gonna fix it !
    5.1 My headset is a logitech g pro, that’s why i’m using it ! Only my keyboard is a steelseries.
    5.2 RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 my fault I guess, gonna fix it

  6. (the edit): Nothing happening, only 60° for cpu and 50° for gpu !

Thanks a lot for your answer


60fps down to 15fps is bad and means that something is wrong. Some maps & skills can affect FPS but what you are getting is too big a drop. Even my old 1060 Gpu doesnt do this and your 3060 Ti is 150% faster.

  1. Your iiyama monitor (PL2483H) is reporting a max of 60hz so it physically cannot show your more than 60fps… no point in having a framerate faster than that…

  2. You say this is a new computer… Have you run any benchmarks to make sure that its performing like its meant to? e.g. does your system get the same scores as other similar systems when running Cinebench or 3dmark or any of the other common benchmark tools? How did you test your computer to make sure that its working fine when you got it? Are you sure that whoever you got your computer from installed it correctly / didnt make any special changes?

  3. Ok. You can also check Task Manager to see what is running and confirm there isnt anything taking up CPU/GPU usage.

  4. 19043 is recommended… Remember its not the main updates only - your system is reprting update problems so its important to check for failures and make sure its ok… One thing is worrying me - a new system shouldnt already be having update issues - not if it was installed properly from a clean installation (I never do Windows OS upgrades - they always cause problems).

  5. Logitech headset ok… then make sure that whatever version of G Hub you are using is the latest and is properly installed. The memory (Radar leaks) errors are warnings that will be hard for you to resolve but they shouldnt really be happening on a newly installed machine unless all those games are badly developed and have problems. You might want to check if any of them need updates or do some googling to see if there is any recommendation from each of those game devs that could be a common issue - like maybe you need to update something else on your machine.

  6. Its not just the temperature to keep an eye on… but those are fine under load (while playing a game or something)… idle should be MUCH lower.

It’s not the first time, maybe something cause this issues (skills? maps?).
If I said that, it’s because before, I had a 8600k, 8 go ram and 1060 6gb (who died) and I had the same issue. Drop fps from nothing. From all sources (maps, skills, etc) but shaman is the worst :frowning: (best class with druid)

  1. Ah. Some games stay at 75 fps when I put the vsync. Still dont get why.

  2. The only bench I do is Forza Horizon with ultra settings. No fps drop, 60 fps everytime. Only cinematics (fix to 30) and loading screen have fps drop. But I can do a beanchmark, it’s a great idea.

  3. Gpu / Cpu usage are ok. Maybe ram is too bit high (4.4 - 5 go ram) ?

  4. Upgrades done ! :slight_smile:

  5. Thanks for advice, I’m still going for resolve this!!

  6. Nothing wrong about the game. Just like I said, maybe ram… And I guess, when I’m writing this: RAM are the prob?

  7. Sorry for my short answers, english is not my first langage as you saw

Thanks again

Yes… there are skills and maps that cause ±10 fps drops… but not 60 to 15fps… thats too much.

Same problem on your old computer - that is very strange… Did you keep anything from your old computer?

  1. Odd? Maybe see if there is a driver for your monitor - it could be reporting the wrong Hz or have a dynamic refresh rate - this can cause issues sometimes .e.g. your monitor keeps changing Hz but the GPU & game are trying to use something else.

  2. Forza Horizon - not really a benchmark that you can compare to something else… You need to see how your system is doing vs. other people using the same / similar hardware… e.g. if you get 1000 points in Benchmark 1, but someone else is getting 2000 using the same hardware, then there might be something wrong.

  3. RAM… shouldnt be a problem… You have 16gb. Unless you have something else running that is taking a lot of free memory you should be fine for LE… LE will use anywhere from 6 to 12GB of RAM depending on your hardware, game settings and what the game is doing.

  4. :+1:

  5. Ok

  6. Not RAM. CPU/GPU at idle (doing nothing) should be around 30-40 degree C. If its 50-60 degree C doing nothing then there is a cooling problem.

  7. Its fine.

Please can you add the player.log file - maybe there is something in this file that could help. (In the same folder as the le_graphicsmanager.ini)


  1. Absolutely nothing about my old computer ! Only my data but not the game (fresh download)

  2. I’m trying 3D mark soon then ! (i’m afraid about a bad surprise ahah. :frowning: )

  3. Great, I was afraid about that

  4. Sorry for the bad sentence: When i’m talking about 40° it’s not only idle. In game too. I was looking with task manager and I was thinking “it"s a bug”. Hw monitor confirm degreesPlayer.log (23.0 KB)
    Player-prev.log (76.4 KB)

(If you see old settings, I copy my data (saves only) from my old computer)

I want to add…
I have this game running having low fps on my pc.
Game doesnt utilise pc properly.
cpu is only around 60% usage (no, its not temp blocked, temps are fine)
gpu is only around 50% usage (no, its not temp blocked, temps are fine)
lowering graphic settings is obsolete because the game doesnt use resources its given.
My vram is 8GB so there is nothing wrong with my pc, no bottlenecks of any kind.
Game runs on SSD.
I got latest drivers, but I tried older drivers to no avail (using DDU).
Im on windows 10.

Game hovers from 120fps to 50fps if lots of mobs but the cpu and gpu utilisation is non-existent.
Any advice, thanks?

p.s. please dont tell me i should be happy that game runs around 50FPS.

Hi, Unlike with other sections of the forum, its best to create your own thread in the Technical Support section as its very possible that while the problem could be showing similar results - like slow performance, the cause in your instance could be entirely different to the OP and it can make the thread quite confusing.

Just from your description - there are any number of known issues that could be causing it… but its impossible to say without more informaiton.

Please can you open a new thread and include:

1) Your description
2) your Player.log - game debug file
3) your le_graphicsmanager.ini - game settings file
4) the output from a dxdiag report - snapshot of your hardware, drivers and os.
See Useful files - Last Epoch Support Hub

Game runs at max capacity in most areas… but certain areas for example “docks” in early campaign runs extremely poorly, cpu and gpu just isnt doing anything there.
But in majority of areas game uses the gpu to the max. Heavy enemy number count increases cpu usage as it should but it just doesnt rise above 40% which is great, because main bottleneck is gpu. I will play with settings more and when im not lazy i might compile the required files to show - but nobody will find any fault at it (ofc its possible but it shouldnt halve fps) I checked some forum replies and i dont have that program that interferes with unity engine.

Ok… You are describing issues that plenty of people have had and that have mostly been sorted or there are workarounds for or have been confirmed to be very specific bugs… but look, I cannot help you unless you are willing to chip in with the info etc. Up to you.

Player.log (31.8 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (479 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (92.4 KB)
Well im doubtful it can help but atm at docks im around 90fps with no enemies and with enemies it dips to ~60fps with gpu and cpu not working. Thanks for help!


The player.log isnt showing any known debug messages associated with performance issues - i.e. texture loading, particle subsystem effects problems etc… So its fair to say that those kinds of things are not at play here - which is a good sign.

Your in-game settings. There are various known issues here that are less about your hardware and more about the beta and unoptimised state of the game and how pushing the settings causes issues.

  1. Quality Settings… The current settings have some issues where the performance from one tier to the next is very different but doesnt come with a matching increase in quality. For example, Ultra quality seems to have a noticeable impact on performance & especially stability vs. the High setting but the increase in visual quality isnt that amazing. For people with slightly lower end hardware than yours, Ultra makes them crash, High is rock solid. There is another issue like this between High and Medium… This is something that many people experience in varying degrees based on their hardware but there is nothing we can do other than be conservative.

  2. Resolution… The issue with high resolutions like you are running is that every setting change has an exponential effect on performance - this is important to understand when trying to find a good config you are happy with. You may find that Medium is better than High purely because of the added pixels…

  3. Framerate limiting / Foreground FPS - LE has an issue currently if you do not limit the game, it attempts to use up as much GPU resource as it can… For most users, if you let LE flatline the GPU, you get huge fps spikes… game freezes and for some it just crashes. For example, on my lowly 1060, if I dont use the fps limit, it can get about 100fps with the GPU usage at 100% but in a busy situation, it will spike down to 20fps. 80% spike that is impossible to ignore… If I limit it to 60fps, the GPU sits at 60-70% and the same busy situation will drop down to 45fps… a drop of 25%… which is far less noticeable. Your GPU obviously has more than enough horsepower - even at your res… but the game isnt optimised so its not using it correctly and you could be experiencing this spiking issue by not having framerate limits enabled. You might find that limiting it to 100fps could make a difference.

  4. Special features, AA, Grass, Shadows… have all had issues that have had to be hotfixed or addressed in the past - i.e. they can have a performance impact that doesnt seem obvious at first… Like grass on one map that doesnt have much vs another map that does… Driver level overrides on certain things like AA have also caused odd behaviour for some users…

  5. A simple way to test for settings related issues is to take big steps and test… i.e. go from Ultra to very low in quality and compare - this way you should be able to see immediately if things change… You may see no difference between Ultra and Very High on a particular setting but Ultra to very low should be obvious if its affecting your particular issues. A key thing I have learnt helping out here is that being conservative with settings until the devs get around to fixing performance optimisation is the simplest approach.

  6. Window mode - some people have found that using a different window mode can have an effect on their performance… You might want to try the other options and see if this could apply to you.

Certain maps - You mention the Welryn Docks… Immortal Summit seems to be another and there was one of the Outskirts… These all tend to have performance issues vs in-game settings and some are generally unoptimised… There are some maps where your fps at the start of the map is ok, but much lower by the end of the map. (devs know about these). The maps that cause issues tend to be those with cliffs, or panoramic views in the distance… some with background animations/effects… For most, usually a workaround has been to lower quality settings until these maps are less of an issue… For example, on my 1060 at very low 1080p I have no problems in any of these locations and only experience performance issues if I increase quality to medium or above. Its very important to check your performance issues on many different maps just in-case the issue is related to specific map(s). The devs have already fixed quite a few maps in the last two patches and I expect them to do the same in future updates…

System Usage - CPU / GPU… On your system I would be extremely surprised if LE could actually cause it any serious issues in terms of usage… My 4-core i5-7500 barely breaks a sweat playing (even in busy moments) so I doubt very much that your CPU is even able to get to 50%. The Unity Game engine has multithreading but I doubt its using this for all components and I doubt its using all your cores so the % usage will always seem low.

From my experience with LE… its possible to find a compromise between visual quality, performance & stability… It just requires being conservative and spending a little time figuring out what works best on your hardware… and being willing to accept bugs… Making assumptions performance as you would if LE was a completed/released/optimised title just doesnt work right now…

Thanks for reply but the issue is very serious (for me its playable) but for others they will get horrible fps issues.
Here is docks at 720p resolution and very low graphics settings. Game has NO ENEMIES and yet it doesnt rise above 90fps. 90fps is not the issue, its that the game doesnt use resources. If game would spawn 20 mobs there it would dip to 60fps or lower. Some areas are just like that. Many areas with mobs use pc resources. So, sorry but your advice isnt much because the graphic settings doesnt apply to core problem i stated. I hope devs will read this thread and more people will add their input on this issue.
@varpourfire - can you do the same? go to docks and write down cpu and gpu usage. Then make all settings as low as possible (ofc no v-sync) and write down for us cpu and gpu usage.

Hold on:

What is going on with your GPU Clock speed? Its only at 675mhz… Thats less than half of what a 3080 Ti is spec’d to run at and a third of its boost clock… Why is your graphics card throttling the clock speed on only 34% usage and 37 degrees?

EDIT: There are quite a few reports online about 3080 series GPU clock speeds getting “stuck” at lower than they should be… lots of potential causes/solutions ranging from power limits and OCs to vram clock speeds and even undervolting… Some of these seem more prevelant to higher end versions of the cards with stock overclocks etc… Could any of this apply to your situation?

Aside to the question about your clock speed…

As requested: My setup in Welryn Docks
(note I removed the framelimit - normally I would not do this).
I have configured in-game settings to have roughly 60-70% usage while doing nothing - i.e. standing around in any location.

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Two things:

  1. Trying to find an old forum post with someone else that had a problem with their clock speed… If I recall it had something to do with the Window mode… Did you try that suggestion above and see if it makes any difference…

  2. Your dxdiag diagnostic section - at the end of the file. Is showing quite a few application crashing PoE, BMIBenchMark, Modorganiser - obviously these need to be checked… but what concerns me is the Nvidia control panel issue… Are you sure that your drivers are ok and that you dont have some strange driver level configuration changes happening? I am also asking this because of the clock speed issue - this is not normal and should not be happening so looking at driver level changes is definitely something you need to do.

For your picture: basically your pc should give you around 100fps if it used all gpu as it should. If you got nice 144Hz monitor then sadly this area isnt nice to play.

If i make lowest resolution possible then the gpu clocks drop automatically ONLY because game doesnt want to render game in high fps. GPU is not being used. If i run at demanding settings the clocks rise automatically. But like i said: game uses gpu as it should in many areas, just not this one and few other ones. I think it might be some internal settings not adjusted properly for hardware to be used fully.

Poe crashes because its poe - it has fossil engine that they still use and game is decade old. Mod organiser is skyrim stuff - its prone to crash with too much modding especially while alt+tabbing which i do often.
There is not a single idea what comes to my mind why this game doesnt use pc resources. Maybe its just unity engine - very outdated and not fit for modern hardware? Im not sure, but i hope a dev could chime in on this issue at least with some opinion. I hope im not writting too much.

As mentioned before, I get 100fps if I remove all limits on LE and let the GPU max out while playing - the game literally maxes out the GPU unless there is nothing happening (like the imageshot above)… but the game is too unstable and suffers from really big spikes and the fan works its arse off to try and maintain a reasonable temp… So I just dont do it.

I have never heard of a GPU dropping this low below its base clock speed just because of resolution / setting change in a 3d game… I have heard of it doing this based on power delivery related issues and driver problems and when its in 2D mode (i.e. normal desktop mode)… I spent some time searching google for anything to confirm it does this for 3d games/apps but I cannot find anything to confirm this is normal behaviour… My lowly 1060 doesnt change frequency in any 3d game mode - it does change frequency fairly often in normal windows 2d… but not in 3d - it jumpts to its base clock and sticks around there boosting on occassion…

Unity 2019.4 is obviously older and LE is restricted by whatever the game engine supports & can do…

Part of what I am struggling with in your situation is that there are lots of players with 3080s that are not experiencing your issue - at least not as severe as you… Eveyone knows there are performance issues but have been able to find decent compromises for now…