Hand of Judgement

The new gloves are alittle misleading. The first part reads Adds 3 MELEE damage per attunement but the tool tip under that reads adds melee AND spell damage per attunement.

I know the early leaks of the item from the play test read +3 FIRE damage per attunement. Were these changed?

I want to assume this damage is scaling the hit and the consecrated ground portion of judgement but other people are saying its not.

Sounds like they forgot to change the tooltip. It no longer scales the spell portion. It will now only scale the hit.

I see. Is there a post talking about why they changed this? Seems kind of odd to make unique that buffs a seemingly under used skill but not have it scale both portions of the damage.

Pretty sad D: the hit part of judgement is pretty generic and not exciting and having the damage not scale the part of the skill that makes it different from a basic attack skill seems like a weird decision.

So let me get this straight… they come otu with gloves that make you play unarmed to buff one specific skill seemingly pigeon holing you into having one attack button ( maybe holy trail javelin but only because thats already a build before these gloves ) because you are lacking any amount of scaling from your weapon being forced to be unarmed.

Then instead splitting up the fire damage into 2 stats ( +3 melee fire per attunement and +x fire damage for spells ) they remove the spell damage completely further pigeon holing all of your scaled damage into only the first part of judgement and not playing consecrated ground at all. If they were worried about people playing righteous fire ( shouldnt be the aura is garbage) type builds then deal with that on its own. This has got to be one of the most poorly implemented uniques/mechanics ive ever seen… took one of the most unique ideas ( unarmed ) epoch has yet and turned it into the most basic melee bonk attack you can get… zero paladin flavor might as well have just been erasing strike gloves.

The stats of the gloves suggest that you use a playstyle where you spam Judgement a lot.

Consecrated Ground benefits massively from going the route with rare uses that use as much mana as possible to buff the damage of CG (top right branch if the tree). You cast it once and then run around burning stuff until it expires. Then you use it again.

So the gloves in general are a bad choice if you wanna play a CG dot build. From my perspective its not a big loss when they removed spelldamage.

The Conc Ground Aura was one of the strongest builds I played with no gear, you dont even need to hit anything with Judgement and it heals you while doing a burning aura, damage isnt that high but you also use Holy Trail

The reason these gloves exist im guessing is because hit based Judgement is terrible and needed a boost, Alkaizer was playing earlier and its a completely different playstyle

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i get that which is why i said the gloves pigeon hole you into a very specific playstyle ( talents ). judgement as a skill was hardly used before the gloves so to come out with a unique that buffs an under used skill and pigeon whole you into going a very specific minimalist build is wack. you dont have a weapon so you cant scale other attacks but judgement has a cooldown baseline so you are nearly forced into going the mana hungry no cooldown talent in the top right. i had so many ideas of theory crafting this build until you actually start playing it and realize its just not fun… it plays very close to erasing strike with no paladin flavor at all

ithink the problem is that there is already a limited number of passive points on every skill. if a skill has 2 parts that are way different there needs to be better ways of scaling both and these gloves allowed that. they should have toned down the spell damage portion of it or insert any other thing other than gutting it. until you have played it yourself you wont get it… i also watched alkaizer he wasnt even to maps yet ofcourse he was doing well… wait til you get to maps and u realize your only damage you have is judgement… strong generic melee bonk is not fun

My point was mainly that spelldamage won’t do a great job with buffing CG. CG is a very very syrong and fun build that can be done without the gloves. Giving them spelldamage is not beneficial for CG. You don’t need the cdr and you don’t want it to be cheaper in mana cost.

Yes, they could come up with an item that is good for CG. Id love this. But its not just these glives with spelldamage on top.

My problem is i wanted a judgement build that actually uses both parts of the judgement skill. Ive been maining this build since 0.9 launch and even with the crazy flat damage from the gloves you are still getting carried by consecrates ground. I dont see any reason to use these gloves if you are trying to be optimal.

Using a spell damage weapon on top of healing effectiveness to scale CG as an aura is still better and WAY faster than trying to make the judgement initial hit help with damage.

I still have one more spec to try taking thebbottem left nodes and getting rid of CG but im waiting for a better hand of judgement cooldow.n roll. Seems like EHG was way to safe on the gloves because we are a hit build that cant scale with attack speed because of the cooldown and if you remove the cooldown with the passive then you cant scale pious offering and both ways CG is still doing the heavy lifting mainly because of mana

ALSO very tired of having to rely on a void knight ability ( volatile reversal ) with alot of sentinel builds its very boring

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I think there are 2 ways to play this build (so far). With a bad roled HoJ go for the aura and mana spend route. With a realy good HoJ go for 100% CD and all direct dmg nodes you can get. Depending on the items you use and the passives you work with you’ll end up between 100 and 150ish attunement… 300 to 450ish base dmg is not that bad to beginn with ^^.

The nagain you can always use Immolaters + Lantern with this build and be a happy panda. Sadly you loose 4 Judgment skillpoints this way ^^.

3 dmg per attunement sounds like alot but its attached to a cooldown skill and you cant scale judgement with attack speed. Morningfrost bowmage only gives 1 dmg per dex but they are shooting 6 ice a second on top of their other dmg buttons that are proccing them.

The gloves force you to be unarmed abd only give fire damage for judgements hit so our only dmg going out is judgement hit and CG. We arent proccing 6 ice a second we are hitting once very slowly or going no cooldown in the tree with 1 point in pious and blasting our mana to use volitile reversal then blasting it again.

Have you played the build at end game or are you theory crafting?

I think the problem isnt hand of judgement as an item it is judgements skill tree. There is no way to gain benefit from attack speed because of the negatives tied it to. You can have all the flat damage and % more dmg in the world but if you are only hitting once every 1.5 seconds its not as much as you would think

Judgment is one of the skills I dislike a lot that’s why I toy arround with it. So far I have only a bad pair of HoJ without a good cdr roll so I spend all my mana for the aura. I have some more story to play to hit the monos but so far I think it will be no problem to hit emp monos like with every other build ^^. I’ll know more when I hit 200-200 corruption but untill then it’s half and half of theorycrafting and knowledge. Then again I hope I find the Belt and the lantern to try this combo.

it will kill stuff fine but if u arent going the aura it is going to feel jank. And i dont want to make you sad but in the best case scenario u can get your judgement to 1.5 second cooldown with a good roll and stacking CD on other pieces. no matter what its going to be underwhelming for an on hit build

The change from fire damage to melee fire damage was very disappointing. Sentinel has only one pattern build, so I thought it was fun to play, but it’s a shame.

The thing is if the gloves only had 1 spell dmg/attunement it would be a lot better. So far Judgment is simply a crappy skill and HoJ looks like a bad concept on top of it. There are no facebreaker vibes coming up and the inability to reduce the CD so you end up at 0 with enough investment is a joke by itself. I’m realy bad at math but 100% of 4 is 4 and not 2.5.

4 / (1 + 0.64 + 0.33) = ~1.97s cooldown.

Can’t remember what a max roll cdr affix is.

During testing the gloves were balanced to only flat melee damage instead of fire damage which would benefit both spell and melee damage. Looks like the text wasn’t adjusted after that change. I’ll make a note to correct them to avoid confusion.

For the reason behind the adjustment: We felt internally that consecrated ground had a lot of ways to get flat damage, the gloves were too alluring to play consecrated ground build then a hit based build which was the original design intent.

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After getting pretty good gear i agree that CG doesnt need the extra damage from the gloves. I do still feel like judgement as a skill has problems. If youre going to only have 1 way to remove the cooldown i dont think the negative should be so steep. 40 extra mana cost and its locked behind at minimum 20% current mana is insane. And unless you are strictly using volatile reversal every 3 seconds ( please no ) pious is very counter intuitive for an on hit build. There is a reason most people play the aura damage over time version it just works. Being able to use your whole mana bar for pious in one click then having a strong aura is easy. Playing a hit build just means you are perpetually on -20 mana waiting to attack again regardless of the cooldown.

A hit based build with a ~2 sec cd skill? Nope that’s trash by design I realy don’t be forced to use other dmg skills to close the gaps created by the CD I suffer from. I’m better off with a weapon in hand at this point because a weapons makes other skills not completely useless as when I’m unarmed. These gloves don’t ADD anything to the game but remove a LOT of free chice.

For me this is terrible design.

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