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GPU Usage going close to 100% on opening Stash

I noticed that when im opening the stash my GPU goes to 98-99% usage and gets quite high °C. This doesn’t always happen when I do open the stash but more often than not and I belive its not great for the long term health of my GPU. Overall performance is mediocre as well, In combat I fluctuate between 15-30 FPS and out of Combat and in the Taskmanager GPU Usage is shown as high around 60% peaking at 80-90 often (on lowest possible settings and reduced resolution)
I’ve attached my files (Player log was too big) I hope it helps :slight_smile:
DxDiag.txt (110.2 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (488 Bytes)

Not sure how many people are facing this, but I am facing this issue as well. Have a 1080Ti and it is very noticable. I’m playing on the lowest possible settings and the temp and usage spikes up as if I am playing on 4k Ultra settings.

This is a known issue from a while back that the devs are aware of… No fix / resolution as yet.

Troubleshooting has linked the issue to having many items in a stash tab… i.e. if you open a tab filled with 1x1 rings you will get a higher usage spike than if you open a tab only filled with two-handed items… Its not the definite cause of the problem, but it seems to be related.

Keeping your quality/fps settings at a level that leaves your GPU some usage headroom to ramp up during play has the added benefit of preventing this particular error from having any major negative affect right now - beyond ramping up your GPU usage/fans etc.

Obviously you can only open the stash in a non-combat area (usually) so it shouldnt affect your normal play… and thankfully its temporary and doesnt seem to cause stablity problems/crashes…

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Also having this issue on AMD 6900xt, so not just nvidia GPUs at least. It does cause me a bit of concern that this pushes my GPU wattage/voltage to whatever I have them hard limited.

Yip… its any GPU. LE does have a particular quirk/performance issue that allows it to max out a GPU if you dont put limitations in place. This is not only caused by this particular stash bug.

Thankfully the framerate limit option the the settings helps prevent this happening during normal play but its definitely something that the devs will have to fix before launch.

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