Glyph of despair

Like others, I was excited to hear about and eager to try the new runes and glyphs. Unlike the glyphs of hope and chaos, that have been working quite well for me within reasonable RNG, I never had a positive experience with the Glyph of Despair. I used around 10 such glyphs so far and not even once did I get an affix sealed.

Provided that their use costs LP and comes with the opportunity cost of not using a Glyph of Home, I ended trying the Gluph of Desiapir on 5-5-5-4 types of items when I still had crafting potential, just to see if I’d get lucky. So far - not.

How has your experience been so far? Do the Glyphs of Despair need a second look to make them a useful game mechanic?

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Pretty much the same for me… I have not found many - probably around 10ish since the patch dropped and I have only managed 1 single affix sealed in crafting.

Not nearly enough figures to make any statistical assumptions, but I must have done a few hundred crafts testing the new system and I have effectively started ignoring trying to seal anything as part of my crafting process.

So… subjectively, hard to find, plus hard to actually use.

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i used 9 of them and 3 of them sealed.
My sample size is way to low to say if iam lucky or not to be honest.

I do have a feeling that you have to be pretty lucky to get them sealed.
I dont have a problem with that but maybe they need to make the drop rate a tighty bit higher.
At the same time some things need to be rare in my opinion. And our sample size is to low to say if it needs fixing maybe its bad luck for you guys this time if you know what i mean.
I hope they keep monitoring it however

I’ve also heard that the chances to seal go down based on the level of the affix you are sealing. Much easier to seal a T1 affix compared to a T4. Given usually needing to craft on an item before using the Glyph, it may be optimal to try sealing T3 affixes so that you have enough FP to craft in its place if you succeed.

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That would exactly make sense! I hope someone can confirm this :slight_smile:
The succes ones were tier 3 on my end

As stated in the game guide:

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oh thats stupid of me :see_no_evil: it literally says it thanks Andrew!
But omg higher for Exalted items :octopus: nice!


on my craft I seal 2 affixes from 5 , so I think it’s really good. and used it only on exalted as mentionned

Glyph of despair is op for belts, especially if you want the 100% chance to cleanse ailments on potion use mod for free. I have 6 belts that sealed that mod at tier 1. And tier 1 is all you need.


I would like to see the success on tier 4s increased a bit. It’s a very expensive rune both through scarcity and opportunity cost, and I have yet to seal an item. It’s starting to feel like a bit of a waste on affixes that don’t fit into the category of ‘stuff that’s just as good at tier 1 as tier 4’.


Agreed. The cost is to the point where you have nothing left to craft on the empty slot even if you do succeed in the seal.

There is also the added opportunity cost of not being able to have sealed affixes on Legendary items. Although it is going to be rare, most slots are going to be stronger with a 2-4LP legendary.

I don’t really even try to seal things anymore unless I drop a very high rolled rare item with a ton of FP left on it. I haven’t tried it on a piece I was trying to use for my current character at all. It is usually just to see if I can take a random good piece to great.

Oops, wrong “Despair”…

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They are a bit too rare for me for how little they hit.

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I use them as a targeted removal on low tier affixes on exalted items. I had an exalted ring that was 4 affix so it had pretty good FP, so I sealed the t1 dex(useless for my build) then discovery rune(free) and now dex cant roll which let me lock in the affixes I wanted easier and I ended up with a ring with all the affixes I wanted maxed out with an extra +1 dex sitting there.


And today I managed to get my first one through. Still, fells like too much opportunity cost to make it usable outside the limited scenario of very high FP exalt with just a couple of crafting steps left.

Free plus one skill.
Free alinent clean
Free extra t1 weapon prefix

Stop trying to seal t3+ my sucess rate is above 75%… but i seal t1 and t2s

I don’t know, a t4 damage affix on a 2h weapon is quite chunky…

Thats quite clever… I wonder what other affixes only need a T1 to get the benefit and would be an easy seal… Most of the +skill ones would give you an easy +1 to some skill… wonder if there are others…

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The easy +1 to skills is really good. I’ve had success with a couple items that dropped 3 usable affixes. I added a +1 to skill in the 4th spot and sealed it, which allowed me to add another usable mod and get it to tier 4 at the least, and one tier 5 on another.

This attitude is at least somehow creative. :grinning: