Glyph Of Chaos Critical Success? Please No!

So, one of my most frustrating experiences with the new Crafting Update so far, were several critical successes on a Glyph Of Chaos craft.

It’s especially frustrating, when the affix you are trying to re-roll itself gets increased with the critical success.

You just reduce the number of re-roll you can do with it.

Sometimes even if another affix get’s critted, that you also wanted to re-roll it can feel bad.
I would much prefer to not have Glyph Of Chaos not be able to crit at all.

The “feel bad” critical successes outwheigt the “feelsgood” one, when another affix got critted or the resulted affix, was something you wanted and crittted.

So either remove critucal successes entirely from that Glyph or at least make critical successes on a Glyph Of Chaos never crit the affix you are crafting on and only other affixes.


This is number two for me on the whole “the new crafting system needs tweaks” behind reducing the max FP cost of adding new affixes even further. The number of times where this has happened to me is way too much.

I’m guessing critical success is like a 25% chance (even though it feels like more), and getting a critical success is supposed to feel good, not bad.

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I might be mistaken, but if it’s somewhat like the old system, critical successes are more likely, when you still have a lot of FP left (so on your very first crafts it’s more likely).

Generally critical success do feel really good and can really push and item way further than you expected.

But as you said, they are suppsoed to feel good, not bad.

They could remove critical success from Glyph of Chaos but at the same time add in a percentage chance that the craft takes no FP similar to Glyph of Hope.

I honestly don’t mind the critical success when using the Chaos. You are YOLOing the item anyway. If you do hit the affix you want and you didn’t spend your mats or the FP, it feels great.

Not sure, if this would be too powerful, the Glyph Of Chaos is already incredibly powerful, especially on certain slots, where there are just a handful of affixes in the pool.

I just want to clarify, I also think that Glyph Of Chaos is amazing, I really like it.
And I had a lot of Items turn from medicore to god tier with it already.

But there where so many situations, where I would get anotehr 1 or 2 tries, when they wouldn’t be that damn critical success increasing the tier to fast, so I have less re-roll chances.

The new crafting system is weird imo. Its easier to make t20 items, but much harder to make t20 items you actually want/can use. Glyph of chaos being the main way to make good items feels weird to me. Its not even too worth farming tons of shards for the rare mod you want since in the current system, even if the other 3 mods are perfect already on the item you have a low chance of getting the specific mod you want.

I wonder how it would feel to just have glyph of chaos in the old crafting system.


I am not sure how much you used or experienced the Glyph Of Chaos yet, but the chances of actually getting your desired affix are very high in a lot of cases, depending on the item slot.

There are a few important things:

  • You cannot roll the same affix again
  • You cannot roll a duplicate affix (if you already have a 2nd affix on the prefix/suffix you want to roll)

Depending on the item slot, there are usually 15-20 affixes within a given pool, some item slots even have sub-10 or fewer than 15 at least.

Just to give you a few examples: Wands have 7 Suffixes, meaning that you have a 1 in 5 chance, to roll the desired suffix (given, that you have a 2nd suffix already)

Another good example are Shield Prefixes, there are only 10, so that means you have a 1 in 8 chance in rolling the desired prefix (given you already have a 2nd prefix)

Boots have 7 prefixes as well(same exampels as wand suffixes)

Given that you can re-roll up to 4 times from T1 to T5, there is a very high chance of getting your desired affix in a lot of cases.

There are also a few negative outliers here, mainly Helmet, Body and Relic prefixes, due to the high number of class specific affixes.
Also Amulet and Ring Prefixes are ~30+

So it’s highly dependant on the item slot you are using glyph of chaos here and if you don’t like that kind of RNG based crafting, you can take those item slots into consideration for your loot filter rules.

All of this is not only theoretical, but I have crafted dozens of good items with the glyph of chaos, so again: I like Glyph Of Chaos!

I just think, that critical success in this particular case evokes similar “feelsbad” moments, than some of the other things that could happen in the old crafting system.

No way this is true, I have hit the same affix multiple times going from shock chance-dodge-shock-dodge-stun. I have hit the same affixes (in the same slot) so many times, It actually hurts reading this (I kid but honestly it does hurt hitting something like stun chance twice on the same slot on a pair of really good gloves). If the mod you skipped really never showed up again, it would probably make chaos spamming much better.

What feels off to me is that chaos gambling is primarily the way to crafting decent items, adding the mods one by one bricks them way too fast compared to chaos in my experience and I don’t enjoy the chaos gambling due to continuously hitting useless mods probably due to my luck.

I like Chaos too as an option but I don’t like that its the only/main way. If you drop a great 2 mod item (like t4+ mods) manually adding the mods feels like a surefire brick.

Yea I’ve kinda given up on those slots, just waiting for RNG to drop a decent pair.

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I was just talking about one individual craft, not multiple crafts in succession.

It still removes 1 potential affix from the pool (the same one)

One type of item, that got considerbly better comapred to the old crafting system is having an item drop with 3 or 4 desired affixes, regardless of their tier.

In the old crafting system even a 4x T1 desried affix item was basically “only” a T4 item, but in the new system having desired affixes on the item already, makes loot matter more how it drops, which is how it should be IMO.

There is still the rune of removal, which is exaclty the same as it was before.

That’s why you can set up your loot filter accordingls and prioritize prefixes on such slots over suffixes.

Didn’t get this ? How would removal help in a situation where item has only 2 very good mods and you want to add 2 more.

I don’t see why an item with perfect t1/t2 mods should be harder to craft than an item with only 2 high tier mods. Isn’t the risk to be more when you go higher in tier ? Currently adding a mod feels harder than going from t4-t5.

Tho I guess most of this is mainly me not enjoying relying on gambling chaos being the best way to craft. Imo the system has lost quite a bit of the determinism where if you are gunning for a particular item, the best way is to farm up a lotta shards to get more tries.

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It’s a combination of risk and control though. When you are adding affixes directly, you have 100% control over which ones they are (provided you have the shards of course). In this system, that “costs” opportunity cost in the form of FP.

Another way is to still allow Glyph of chaos to randomize T5 affix to another T5 affix (and consuming large FP in the process)

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I fully agree with this except for one thing.
I hope critical succes stays but please change it so that the stat you want to change cant be affected with Glyph Of Chaos.

I wouldnt mind if they removed it entirely though if its to hard to change from this glyph.
I like how the glyph is designed and having the chance of getting a usefull mod feels good enough.

I rather see them change it to prevent Potential cost or a amount of the cost was prevented instead.
On a side note, i was however happy with the critical succes when the craft was tier 2 haha.

Actually, I like this mechanic. It has a bit of trolling effect. And also, the Glyph of Chaos has resulted in the best crafted items I’ve ever had in this game. Under the new system I got more success than in my prior 200 hours.


I agree. I have had more success with Glyph of Chaos and I actually enjoy the critical success because it lets me preserve my crafting potential


I get that it does feel bad if you dont hit an affix your after But, when you do happen to hit that affix especially on that critical Success going T5 that is pretty much the best possible case scenario since you will still have all the forging potential left for your other affixes.

I think the Chaos Glyph’s are really powerful but, also have just enough RNG evolved that they feel great to use even when they dont work out. It all just brings us back to the loot hunt which I think the system as a whole has made so much more important that its doing exactly what it was intended to do. Tighten up your filters and start hunting down more items for potential crafting.

Also worth mentioning that Glyph of Chaos has resulted in me actually caring about the suffixes on my weapons which was never a priority before because everything was about the prefixes first and foremost on most builds. Now you find that item with the prefixes and crafting potential in the right place and you start with the Suffixes and if they work out you end up with a perfect (near perfect) item. And in the case of other slots you can also have more freedom to perfect things like resistances or other defensive stats on items that you couldnt do so before with the old system.

Overall I think the new system is better in more ways than its worse you just have to put more focus on actually filtering and finding the right bases to work with more than before is all.


i agree with this :smiley: iam really happy with the new system


Why does the critical success have to add another tier at all? It made sense in the old system, but the new one could live without. For me, not consuming any crafting potential, runes/glyphs/shards is enough. If it isn’t, then the chance of getting a critical success could be increased. And then we would not need some special treatment of this one rune…

So I asked @EHG_Mike on the dev stream today, what he thinks of critical success on using Glyph Of Chaos and he suggested, that the best solution for this might be, that critical success are still possible and remove FP cost, but do not increase the teir of any affix further.

I think that’s a great solution, so simply and easy and no one has mentioend this yet :smiley:

Thanks Mike for that clever and usefull suggestion.

I really hope this actually gets implemented!

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I personally think that makes things too easy. We didn’t even have this glyph before and now it opens up fixing bad exalted items, which is already a plus. Critical success is never bad, you always had a chance for an item to have a dead affix. You now have a chance for that affix to not be so bad. This is 100% an improvement to the system, but making it just a simple reroll infinitely to get the exact affix you want is way, way too easy.