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Glancing Blow Questions

I tried searching for all info related to GB and Apostacy passive but it looks like aside from one topic that goes over it a bit, everything else is outdated.

Things I’ve gathered:

GB = 35% reduced damage on the blow
Apostacy = 200% dodge > GB, cannot dodge
GB no need to go over 100%

I’m fairly new to experimenting with Rogue, is this a good tradeoff? 50% dodge rating to 100% GB and I assume making a large health pool and throwing in crit avoidance

Or is it better to keep the native GB chance in passive (36%?) and dodge chance

I like tankier play styles so that’s what I was trying to aim for looking into this, with rogue I wanted to see if I could make it take a bit of beating without heavy kiting in the build I’m making

This also brings me to my next question, is 100% GB and Thiefguard with a good health pool a strong defense/interaction or not worth it?

Thanks everyone

I think it’s an option, certainly, whether Apostacy is “better” than hitting 100% glancing blow (which is fairly easy for a DW sword build) is not something I’ve done the maths on, but I’d think that for any non-dual swords build it might be worth it depending on how you build the rest of the character.

I think the Apostacy node is a very interesting node. You can get a very powerful defence (35% DR with 100% uptime against hits as well as the heal from Thiefguard) and it can free up a lot of defensive affix slots making gearing more flexible/easier, but you do pay quite a high price for it (no dodge).

If you’re going to have a high GB chance, then Thiefguard & the similar affixes are a good idea, especially if you have some affixes to increase your chance for Dusk Shoud on melee hit.

TLDR, just asking “is it worth it” is too wide a question, it depends on your build & your gear. Should every Rogue take it? No. Can you benefit from it if you build around it? Probably.

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I think I need to dive a bit deeper into the Rogue trees maybe. I’m still leveling up a a chakram blade dancer but didn’t think I would enjoy the existing build guide out which is kite heavy and utilizes flow

I’m lazy, style player so the idea of popping out 4-5 unique skills for one big burst damage is not too appealing to me and I would rather have sustained damage output

I know Dodge gets reduced in higher level areas which is why I wanted to check out this GB route, I might just go for GB/dodge but again not too sure since I haven’t done many rogue play throughs

Assuming you’re not taking any of the glancing blow nodes, you’d need 1,110 dodge rating to hit 50% dodge in a lvl 100 area. If you take all the glancing blow nodes (31%) then you’ll need 720 dodge rating to hit 35% dodge (to convert to 70% glancing blow). If you’ve taken all the glancing blow nodes (31%) & are dual wielding swords (50% with Weapons of Choice) then you’ll only need 280 dodge rating to hit 10% dodge (to convert to 20% glancing blow).

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Thank you, if I convert dodge to GB I would no longer have to worry about zone reductions reducing dodge thereby reducing GB right?

Also didn’t know there was a GB increase for DW, so much to experiment. I also have the flaw of making a person from scratch every time :confused: oh last epoch what are you doing to me…

No, the lower dodge % based on area level would still be an issue since Apostacy converts your dodge chance into glancing blow. That’s also why I gave the dodge rating required to hit the dodge chance that would be sufficient to take you to 100% glancing blow in a lvl 100 zone.

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Thanks for the patience, I’m a little slow, got hit on the head one too many times in my Army days.

This changes things for me I guess, might just do GB/dodge hybrid and adjust as needed

Side question: Do you use your stash tabs to save potential gear for alts or do you always just start fresh and see what it gets?

I feel like with all my grinding I should have saved some gear but I haven’t at all

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For (equipable) gear, I might save purples on a decent base with decent affixes but I generally only save idols & uniques.

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Okay, I do exactly the same, good to know I’m not alone

Does silver shroud (dodge next hit) work with Apostacy (no dodge)?

Probably a dumb question but not sure if there is some separate mechanic

I haven’t tested this myself but I would assume no, it doesn’t work. If it does work it’s probably a bug.

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Silver Shroud does work in conjunction with Apostacy.

The Buff granted by Silver Shroud does not grant “dodge chance”. It’s just a guranteed dodge.

You will dodge the hit that consumes the silver shroud stacks and will gain the ward.


Yeah I remember that Silver Shroud dodge proc isn’t based on the innate dodge on your character sheet but it’s own thing. I wonder if this is intentional. I personally think if you cannot dodge you shouldn’t be able to dodge with other mechanics.

I think this intentional and fine.
You literally dodge one hit. Just because denying the player chance to dodge even with that mechanic would deny the possibility to reciece the ward from this mechanic, which would be very harsh.

Apostacy i already a mediocre defensive mechanic. When you would deny that it would become very uninteresting.

Apostacy really shines for low to mid investment characters, but loses alot of power for fully fleshed out/geared characters. With this interaction it really helps making this mechanics a little bit more attractive

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Interesting, so would for endgame Apostacy is generally not a good choice huh. Would it still be worthwhile to spec into GB and combine it with dodge, what I’m aiming for is just the ability to take a few more shots so I don’t have to go super kite heavy

I can understand your perspective but when I read lines like that “you cannot dodge” my assumption would be that it applies to all functions of the game. What if for example, you got you were crit immune but this one proc from a monster which was an auto crit could by past your crit immunity? It’s like stuff like that.

I understand that it makes these two mechanics more appealing but from a game point of view it feels odd.

That’s fair, but there is a specific hint on Apotacy’s Advanced Tooltip (when pressing ALT), to point out, that it works together with Sivler Shroud.

Apostacy is a really good way, to get alot of defense, with minimal investment, but the high end ceiling is not as high.

You can easily reach 60-65% dodge on rogue, while still getting 31% GB permanent (Rogue and BD Passives) plus easy access to Dusk Shrouds, which boost both GB and dodge even further.
Even Marksman has early and easy access to the BD GB nodes, which also give Dexterity, so it’s not wasted in any way, even on Marksman

All my BD Rogues do use Dodge PLUS GB.


That’s the way I’ll go then, thank you for your advice

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Yes, it does.

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@Heavy do you find thiefguard to be worth it when you have the 30 something % GB or do you skip that in general

I’m not speccing into veil of night (Shroud 6%/p and Melee AS) so I won’t have that potential 30% Dusk shroud increase …unless the 30% increase in that is worth the 5 point investment

I would say Thiefgurad is still worth it.

Do you use Smoke Bomb with Dusk Shroud?
If yes then of course.

If you do not use Smoke Bomb(Or any other reliable dusk shroud source) i would consider Thiefguard as some of the last passvies points, but no “instant picks”

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