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GeForceNow loot filters

Good Afternoon!
Since LE has been made available on GFN i have finally been able and have a smooth experience.

While at home on GFN there is no way to import / copy a pre-made loot filter into my game. For kicks i installed steam on a work computer and while characters are shared between work & home the filters do not move.

While in GFN i do not have access to any system folders to dump files & when i try to copy from local machine notepad into GFN it isnt recognized as being in the right notepad location.

I havent tried to make my own to see if filters will hold between GFN sessions but i guess thats next…

Any ideas / tips / work in progress


Not sure that you can do anything about this right now…

GNow uses whatever cloud save service is available for a game - so this would probably be Steam for you - and unfortunately the filter xml files are stored in a different folder so its likely that Steam cloud is not updating it with the savegames and therefore its impossible to sync the filters…

Logically it would make more sense for EHG to move the filter file into the same one as the savegames - this should allow things like Gnow to work easier… No idea if / what the devs plan with this…

it does seem that if i manually make a filter while playing through GFN the filter does persist between sessions; so looks like ill have to manually create/copy filters.

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I have the same issue. I’m using a macro that allows me to copy things and it worked with the POE trade site. However, it doesn’t work with last epoch’s loot filter import routine.
Maybe they can fix it or allow us to bound loot filters through the website?