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I know it was probably asked before, but here I am, in favor of enable this game in GeForce Now.

My computer isn’t able to properly handle LE at the moment, but I (and I believe probably other people too, since the price of computer parts is skyrocketing) manage to play games through Geforce Now at a really good quality.

There are other Early Access games working in the platform and I think it would be a good move to test the game in a cloud environment. If it doesn’t works well, you could opt out the platform to fix it and try again or to not launch there at all, but I would be very grateful if we could at least try it there.

Thanks Dev team for this wonderful game and the efforts you put into it!

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This indeed has been asked dozens of time before, a quick serach on the forums with “GeForce Now” keyword would have showed you literally dozens of threads.

Here is one example, where a devs answered.

I really don’t know all the details, but i think it’s not as easy as you think to get approval for a game to get included on that platform.
It’s not as simple as “let’s test out if it runs and if not we can leave”.

As you can see from Sarno’s response in the thread i posted, they are not completely aversed to this, it’s just a matter of time and ressources for them.
I am sure it will eventually come to this platform, but i personally owuldn’t expect this before release.

Yeah, pardon me if I make it sound like an easy task, totally not my intention, just want to point out that there were other cases for Early Access games there.

But still, just making a suggestion and trying to keep the topic on light. It looks like the other topic is almost an year old, nice to see other people wanting it too though.

If another game did this and you bought it due to it being available on GeForce Now, how do you think you may feel if it was pulled a short time later and you weren’t eligible for a refund?

My chief concern with “let’s try this now!” is multiplayer. We really don’t want to implement support for a streaming service right before releasing Patch 0.9 as we won’t have the resources to adaquately support both and in such a scenario GFN simply wouldn’t be the priority item. It would also taint reports of latency and various connectivity issues if people - unbeknownst to us - aren’t connecting to our server directly, but rather connecting to a different server in another data center and then going on to ours (with the same issue on the return path).

We’ve never said never and I don’t believe we ever will say that, but I don’t think we’ll take our first stab at multiplayer and a streaming service within the same year. There’s just too many potential fires needing to be put out which will necessitate difficult decisions being made which will inevitably garner resentment when people feel like we’re neglecting them.


I m also one of those people that are looking for this game to be part of GeForce Now supported games.

Right now the game is really poorly optimized running at about 30 FPS at best most of the time with settings set to average on my laptop (i7-7700HQ / GTX 1070 / 32Go DDR4). So there is still a very long road before this game regarding optimization. Cloud computing/gaming services are a very nice way to deal with such an issue and those techs are the future of gaming for sure.

So yeah games may get removed from GeForce Now. But for such a thing to happen it has to come from the distributor (if the development studio isn’t also managing the game distribution). So this isn’t as if such things happen out of nowhere. And anyway this is MUCH better to risk it than not having the ability to play the game or not getting a good enough experience because of your hardware. Others hack ‘n’ slash such as Wolcen have been added to GeForce Now. And Wolcen is FAR away from being bug free or optimized for exemple (and yet it runs way better than Last Epoch, at about twice the FPS count of Last Epoch in fact, while looking way better).

So do not neglect cloud computing/gaming. This would be a huge judgement error regarding what is the next step for video games.

I always felt that Wocen focuses on the wrong things. So instead of channeling their resources to build a strong foundation of their game and make it playable, they instead made sure to spread their bug infested game to as many people as possible by using GFN.

Sorry, that’s propably not really that mindset behind Wolcen and I’m no hater. But the decision that were made during the development of Wolcen were not the best.

I agree on the performance issue. When I browse the negative reviews of LE most of them are about performance.

But I’m not sure if bringing an unoptimised game to a cloud computing platform us the solution. I guess optimising first and then make the next step is the better approach. I don’t know if these platforms also have restrictions in that regard. The more unoptimised a game is the more resource it needs to run properly.

As today comes, so comes GFN Thursday and with it the good news. So, it is official, at some point in this month, Last Epoch will arrive in Geforce Now, I’d like to thanks EHG team for your efforts in this matter.

I am really looking foward to play this awesome game in its full glory!

Well, this is unexpected in regards to the post from Sarno earlier. But nice to see. It was a relative popular demand on various sources.


Maybe might also be worth a “News” announcement :laughing:

Thanks to the LE team for having the game now supported by Geforce Now. This is a life changer!

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