Gav's Last Archive - Lore Discussion | Video Series | 7/9 Chapters Completed

Greetings Travelers, I’m Gav!

I know it’s kind of a niche topic, but I’m looking to open up a fresh discussion on the lore of the game for all interested. I began a YouTube channel a little over a month ago dedicated to covering Last Epoch’s story as well as my own theories and interpretations.

My interpretations are just that however, my own. I want to hear the community’s lore insights and theories as well and spark some friendly discussion.

I’ve made videos covering the entire history of EHG and Last Epoch from their Reddit roots to a playable Alpha, all the way to 1.0, the story of Shtrak, a fallen Traveler, a lore series regarding the campaign storyline and much more with more to come!

My chapter series covers each act 1 by 1. I explore every map in every zone, complete every quest, look for secret zones, easter eggs and hidden lore throughout each chapter as well. Each also contains recordings of the in-game cinematics and voice-acting when applicable for context and immersion. Then I summarize all of my findings and the narrative into a 15-30 minute analysis/retelling.

Kind of an odd thing to admit I know, but I’m not even in monoliths yet… My character is level 45 currently and I’m hard at work on the video for Chapter 6 as we speak.

Please let me know how I can improve and what other lore topics you’re keen to learn more about.

Here’s what I have to offer:
A lore Discord community: Gav's Last Archive
FULL Playthrough Written Notes and Screenshots of ALL Dialogue on my Notion

Chapter 1-12 Video Lore Series:

Chapter 1 - The Keepers
Chapter 2 - The Ruined Future
Chapter 3 - Seeking the Last Shard
Chapter 4 - The Outcasts and The Empire
Chapter 5 - Aid from an Oracle
Chapter 6 - Infiltrating the Immortal Citadel
Chapter 7 - The Might of Gods
Chapter 8 - Lagon’s Blessing: Coming Soon
Chapter 9 - The Sands of Majasa: Coming Soon
Chapter 10 - Announced by EHG Soon™
Chapter 11 - Announced by EHG Soon™
Chapter 12 - Announced by EHG Soon™

Misc. Lore Videos

Last Epoch - From Reddit to Reality
The Hallowed Graveyard - EHG’s “Secret” Kickstarter Zone
Chronowyrm Lore/Bestiary
Class Fantasy & Lore Overview [Contains ALL class lore cinematics that are no longer in the game]

My pace currently is 1-2 lore videos per week. I work 40 hours a week, I’m a father and a husband as well all outside of the game and this YouTube channel. This is just a hobby for a game I love! I hope to find more lore enthusiasts to join my community and the discussion here :slight_smile:

I’m fully dedicated to providing the most thorough and accurate lore as possible for the game. I’ll continue updating this thread as I release new chapters (as long as that’s not against forum rules and this is well received).

Please don’t be shy to voice your theories and story interpretations, I could talk about the narrative forever, thank you to any and all that take the time to respond or read any of this <3

TLDR: I like the lore, do you? Tell me your thoughts on the story or your most tinfoil hat theory and I’ll reply.


Chapter 5 added to the archives, please let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Working on Chapter 6 as we speak and my voice/throat is feeling much better today, thanks for all the well wishes the past week! <3

Thank you. Im so gonna watch this, Im always into lore videos. :partying_face: (I need some Byf here :rofl: )

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Good voice for narrating lore videos. I put it onto my watchlist.

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Let me know your thoughts and theories when time allows, thanks so much!

Would love to hear your thoughts and any theories you have as well! Thanks for the kind words <3

Adding my story campaign notes from my first full in-depth playthrough of it. This was pre-1.0 by a few weeks so everything is still relevant and nothing has changed dialogue wise.

These notes contain a screenshot of EVERY dialogue in the game including side quests and trivial NPCs (randoms in town, vendors etc).

If interested you can find it on my public Notion page here!

I hope its of use or interesting to anyone in the community! It has been a tremendous help for me in referencing the dialogue whenever I want to and has been a necessity for me writing my videos and being thorough. :slight_smile:

The Chapter 6 lore overview is now available on my channel for anyone interested! 3 more chapters to go :slight_smile:

Another week, another chapter covered! Chapter 7 is now available on my channel if interested.

2 more to cover until new content. Stay tuned Travelers!

Birthday bump, level 33 today! Also I’ve been tirelessly working on getting my community Discord setup. I hope for it to be a place for many awesome lore conversations and banter about the game in general.

Come hang out!

Finishing up my edited down version of the live dev stream that took place last Friday (4/12). It featured Kyle, the lead writer and mostly consisted of lore questions!

For the full stream, please see EHG’s YouTube VOD:

I’ll have mine out later this week. Edited down to just the lore questions and also provide my take on Kyle’s responses.

Also during the stream EHG_KyleM was asked to rank the power level of the strongest beings in/around the world of Eterra.

They said how it would have been nice to put this on a tier list for visualization.

Well…I did :slight_smile:

I posted it on the Official Discord here.

I edited down the latest lore Q&A with EHG’s Lead Writer Kyle to only include the lore questions.

I provided images for additional context and my own take on Kyle’s responses to each question. Enjoy!