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Game won't fully load

I have 156 hrs in this game never had and problems until now game will get to Last Epoch screen then freezes. I verify game files it installed 2 files and game still wont fully load any help would greatly be appreciated Thanks

Hey there…

Please can you post your player.log… It probably has something that could explain what is going on.

Also… did anything change on your system recently? i.e. between when you last were able to play and now? It can be anything, doesnt matter how insignificant? Did you do a Windows update? Did you update your GPU drivers? Did you install any new software? etc…

Can you please tell me how do I post my player log? It’s been a few months since I last played the game and then it worked great. No nothing has changed on my system everything is fully up dated and no I did not install any new software

The player.log is in the following subfolder on a windows machine:
BootDrive:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games

you can attach it to the this post using the Upload button (7th button on the post editing menu bar).

If its been a few months then you have likely missed out on the recent patch upgrade - and possibly the one before that… From past experience sometimes there are issues with people who havent played in a while… The game has to update your items, skills, passives etc to match the changes the devs have made and there are sometimes a hiccup or two…

I would recommend the following:

  1. Verify the game files more than once - this is just to make 100% sure that it fully updated properly. I.e. if it finds an update, then let it complete and run the verification again until there are no further updates.

  2. Remove the le_graphicsmanager.ini (and its .bak) file from the same folder as above. This will force the game to reset your game settings to default - they have changed recently and could be causing an issue.

  3. Login to with EHG details - its separate from the Forum so it might ask you to login again. This will confirm your login is active and not messed up since the last update.

  4. Sorry to double check, but are you sure nothing has changed on your system? If its been a few months since you last played, then its very likely your system has had some sort of windows update at the very least… I have to ask because sometimes an app has updated or a automatic driver update happened and could inadvertently changed something or could potentially be causing an issue with LE or anything LE relies on like the GPU drivers etc… Sometimes a failed Windows Update can mess things up…

  5. When launching Last Epoch - be sure not to alt-tab or change focus until your login credentials pop up in purple… There is sometimes odd thing that happens (especially if you havent launched the game in a while) if you change focus while its loading and windows then assumes the game is not responding… If this happens, chose the option to wait for the program to respond - dont terminate it… When this happenes to me, the game recovers in 20-30 seconds.

  6. Make sure that your local firewall is not blocking the newly patched Last Epoch exe… Its updated since you last ran it so there is always a possibility an overzealous firewall is stopping it from accessing the internet to log you in again.