Game updates every steam launch on linux

Sorry for the double post, I realized after my last post I hadn’t troubleshooted enough, so I wanted to get more information before having people reply.
I thought the problem was on reboot, but no, it’s every steam launch. It updates the game for 4.87 GB every time, then fails on launch. If I verify the files, it validates everything and says there were no missing files. Even so, it doesn’t launch. If I switch to proton, it can launch without downloading any additional data. Then, if I switch back to the native client, it has to download another update, this time 5.25GB. After this update, my offline saves are gone, but as long as I restore the backup, I can play like normal.

Once again, sorry for the double-post. Any help with this would be appreciated. I would just stick with proton, but it looks very stuttery, even though the FPS counter says its at a steady 90

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