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Game unplayable on Linux machines

I am running Ubuntu 20.04, and using Proton 6.3-8. To be able to play last Epoch.
However I have struggled to play on the machine for the last 2 days.

Every time you load a map the screen goes fuzzy and the frame rate drops so low it is unplayable.

Out side of the maps you can move as per normal eg. End of Time area.

I have verified the game files and they are 100% good.
I have also tried to change the Protons but I still get the same problem as above.
I reinstalled the game twice but no luck.

Please can you give me any suggestions as now I do not know what else to try.

Thank you

You should try using the native Linux client or run the Linux client through Steam. Playing the Windows version through Proton is a very hit or miss affair. I get single digit FPS through Proton but reasonable performance with the native client. See ProtonDB