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Game stuck on launch

Game will not launch.
Stuck on steam sync.

Player.log (239.5 KB)
Player-prev.log (10.6 KB)

  • Verified files
  • Turned off steam cloud sync

Hi, Welcome to the forum…

You havent really provided much to work from here…

The two logs you provide also show that in one the game is on E: & the other is on D: - did you move the game or transfer from one steam library location?

Steam Cloud sync failing could point to some other issue with Steam that could also mean that the game verification process is not working properly so even though you say you verified the game , it might actually be messed up.

The shorter player-prev.log is showing Login issue and 405 Method not allowed HTTP errors trying to contact the EHG servers for authentication. It needs internet access to login initially.

The longer log is showing a wide variety of normal play messages & odd errors - some seem to indicate possible problems with the install, others indicate maps have loaded correctly and played without issues, still others are showing specific bug debug messages… there may even be a few indicators that the game may be struggling performance wise on certain maps.

Everything seems to both confirm & contradict your “Game will not launch.” description.

So what exactly changed since you were last able to play the game? Can you give any more information as to what could be happening?

Thanks for the reply.

I uninstall and reinstalled the game because its been a while and I wanted to check out the changes. As my SSD is currently full, the game is on a different drive.

The part about steam cloud sync failing is more describing what’s happening when the game fails to launch. Other games launch without an issue on steam but when I launch Last Epoch it seems to stay on the launching screen and my steam client stays at “synchronising”.

I’m not sure how long the log goes back but I’ve had the game for a quite some time and it did stutter on my older PC.

I re-downloaded the game last night and it was running fine. Came back from work today, and the game fails to load.

Hmm… lots of diffrent things happening here…

Old logs vs new logs… ok - that would explain the odd differences I referred to.

Steam Cloud sync - what you describe could be the syncing messing up with the older cloud saves from whenever last you played… If Steam sync is stuck in a syncing loop it could be that its messed up - this has happened MANY time with players, especially if they have not played for a few patches and then returned… It has even been the cause fo savegame corruptions due to partial syncs and messed up saves can cause the game not to load.

Your comment about re-downloading the game and it running fine and then not on the next launch is typical of the steam sync issue when Steam cannot figure out what to sync properly after the shutdown. Reinstalling does not always reset the steam appmanifest for a game and things can get messy when it tries to “fix” itself…

Some things…

  1. Before launching the game, please can you rename the player.log files to something like player.old so that the game doesnt try to append to them and to separate the old ones from now…

  2. You may have to reset Steam Cloud Sync for LE - you can do this by logging into Steam via a webbrowser (not through the client) and looking in the Remote Storage option for any saves that are for LE - I would recommend you download them somewhere as a backup and then REMOVE them from Steam Cloud so that it doesnt have anything to sync.

  3. Before launching the game, delete the le_graphicsmanager.ini (the game setting file) just to reset it to defaults in the event some config is causing a problem.

  4. Before launching the game, backup your local saves folder and DELETE all the files in it… This will give the game a clear slate and when launching from Steam, should prevent any syncing conflicts.

  5. Make sure Steam cloud sync is definitely disabled on your new install - its on by default so unless you specifically disabled it again, it might still be active…

  6. One last thing before launching the game is to double check the Game verification… just to be sure.

  7. If the game runs ok after removing steam cloud, saves etc, then something there is the culprit… You can then attempt to add back your local saves and see if the game still functions… If it does, and you want to use Steam Cloud, you can then try re-enabling it but be very careful to make sure it syncs to the local files as having priority.

If after removing everything and its still not working, then include the latest player.log.

As an alternative solution you can also download the standalone version of LE from your account page and try that… doesnt find the problem, but bypasses Steam.

Didnt know there was a standalone launcher.
Game lauches fine using that.
Might just do this from now on.
Thanks for your help!


It doesnt explain exactly what happened, but it does confirm (to me at least) the likelyhood that the Steam install is messed up/sync not working… Based on previous reports of players returning to the game after a while and having issues, its likely that this the cause…

My recommendation would be that if you wanted to use LE via Steam again, that you remove all trace of LE from steam before trying to install it again - i.e. uninstall, remove the appmanifest, remove any vestigial folders/files related to LE, clear the online remote storage for Steam Cloud etc… trying to get a blank slate…

Important note: Although Steam Cloud wasnt working properly anyway, playing via the standalone client means that you need to manually backup your saves if you ever wanted to change system/reinstall windows etc… Until the multiplayer version is live, EHG doesnt have copies of your saves.