Game stops responding when loading

I stopped playing LE for a few months. When I came back roughly two weeks ago, the game frequently and unpredictably crashed when I either launched it, tried to enter the game with a character, or tried to enter a different zone. More rarely, I get in the game, have the UI visible, but the actual play area is black. Once it has crashed, I have to reboot my PC for LE to launch at all.

I run Windows 10. I have every reason to believe both my OS and graphic card drivers are up to date. I have checked file integrity through Steam and found no issue. The problem appears worse when I have other apps open when I launch LE. Under similar circumstances, I can run other games (e.g., Diablo 3, Civilization VI or Guild Wars 2) with no issue whatsoever.

I could not find le_graphicsmanager, nor launcher-log.txt.
Player.log (32.4 KB)
Player-prev.log (29.5 KB)
DxDiag.txt (84.3 KB)
LE graphic (375.6 KB)


Some suggestions:

  1. Are you trying this with existing characters or newly created ones? Are you using Steam Cloud Saves?

  2. Steam File verification sometimes needs multiple runs to make 100% sure the files are ok… Not sure why, but sometimes it will not fix everything on a single run. It is also very important to do this process after crashing as its very possible the crashing could mess things up.

  3. According to your Dxdiag, you are running build 19041 for Windows 10, the latest is 19042. Your graphics card driver is 2 weeks old so that should be fine. Double check any other drivers on your system to make sure.

  4. Regarding the crashing/blank screen etc… Try the following process: Temporarily set your resolution to 1080p, 60fps foreground framerate limites (not vsync), ALL in-game graphics to very low or disabled. Test at this setting and see if the crashes & blank screens stop. If they do improve then its likely that this is what is causing the problem for you. Based on your system configuration, I would recommend that you play the game with these lowest settings until such time as the devs have gotten around to performance optimisation. You may be able to increase some to Low, but with LEs performance issues, your system is not really fast enough for much more while still maintaining a decent FPS & stability. If these lowest settings do not work, then the issue is going to be harder to resolve.

  5. The dxdiag shows at the end that you are also having hassles with the steamwebhelper.exe (i.e. Steam) with the error BEX64 - apparently this a memory related error… - Make 100% sure that steam is working properly and has been updated… If there is something wrong with Steam then its likely that its not updating the game correctly when you try the verification process.

  6. Also… Disable any overlay software (Steam Overlay, Nvidia etc)… and disable or dont run any other applications while running LE… there are instances where certain apps conflic and cause instability. LE is very CPU & GPU intensive at the moment so anything that can reduce the load on the system while playing is good.

  7. The graphics file is in the %appdata% folder on your system - see here. It is a hidden directory that includes the savegames etc if you are not using Steam Cloud Saves. It confirms the settings that you have in-game and nothing else.

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