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Game Starts Stuttering Consistently Every 20-60 Minutes (31.9 KB)

I’m using prefer maximum performance from Nvidia favoring performance heavily and am playing on an SSD. What I noticed was that when I dropped the resolution to about 1360x768, the game went from consistently low fps to a playable state ranging from 20-60 minutes.

Honestly, the resolution drop is the best performance tip I’ve seen. If I go lower than this resolution, half of the UI goes offscreen.

What I mean is when I first load up and for the first 20 minutes, it’s pretty much perfectly smooth. However, at a certain point like when encountering a lot of monsters, it doesn’t actually seem to recover if even 1 mob is near me. It stays constantly stuttering.

I suspect a memory leak or something isn’t quite unloading correctly.

Another thing I noted was my gpu usage going nuts. It wasn’t going anywhere near 90% but varied from about 25% to 65% jumping at least 10% at a time. Whenever using transitions between areas, it showed as 0%.


Your 1050 Ti isnt great (its about 15% faster than the minimum required to play LE) but you should be able to experience the game for a little longer than 20 minutes at a time especially at those low in-game settings. Lets face it, its never going to play great, but it should at least be ok.

A look at your dxdiag is showing something odd… I realise that you are using a Laptop (and these are notoriously difficult to find causes of problems) but its not showing that the 1050ti is connected to a monitor (says Unknown vs the HD 630 reporting a valid screen) - this is likely due to the way laptops swap between integrated GPUs & discreet cards to save on power when not using graphically intensive apps… The first thing I would make 100% sure that LE is actually using your 1050 ti for gaming with LE - you can force this under Display/Graphics Settings - you can set the Last Epoch exe (or any app) to a specific GPU - this way Windows will ensure that the right gpu is in use. There may also be a way of doing this using whatever bloatware the laptop has installed - the key here is to make sure that the laptop proprietary software/bios is not overriding Nvidia and make sure your system is set for performance in every way possible.

The player.log doesnt indicate something obvious (the devs might but I cannot).

Your drivers & os seem ok although you could probably update your Intel HD 630 driver (its from 2017).

GPU usage going “nuts” that is fairly normal. Depending on the game situation it can go from idle to 100% - totally normal… Its when it doesnt change usage that something is going wrong - e.g. pegged at 100% usage all the time is very bad… Framerate limiting will also prevent the game from going over a particular usage by restricting the game itself. i.e. you have it limited to 60fps @ 1360x768 which means that it has a ceiling - if you removed this limit, it would go higher and be MUCH more unstable/crash/freeze. A GPU automatically throttling itself due to problems could also explain the lack of increased usage - as could a driver problem.

When the game is loading a new map its not using the GPU - hence the reason it will show zero or near zero usage.

From the diagnostic section I see that:

  1. You have run Memory Testing on your system which indicates you think something could be wrong physically.
  2. Your system is having LOTS of LiveKernelEvents - these are not good errors to have and could relate to anything from driver corruptions to physical hardware failures or thermal issues to applications causing problems… Its not recommended to ignore these kinds of errors as they could be affecting your entire system.
  3. You have also had a Event Name: MoBEX - this is usually caused by trying to change system settings and something crashing - again, not a good error to have.
  4. There are some windows update errors - normally not too serious but based on the above it could point to something.

Things to do imho:

  1. Verify the game files through Steam.

  2. Make sure the game is running under the correct GPU & all configs are set to performance properly without anything overriding the other.

  3. Do maintenance on your system

    • Check for updated Lenovo drivers for EVERYTHING including bios.
    • Run Windows File System Checker.
    • Make sure there are no defered or failed windows updates.
    • Find the causes for the errors on your system and fix them - Reliability Monitor/Viewer will help see them and the details of what could be causing them.
  4. Disable and do not run any other applications while trying to play LE. Doesnt matter how irrelevant they might seem - just dont run anything… This includes disabling things like Steam Overlays etc.

Thank you for the tips. I did think that maybe there was an issue with RAM on my system so I wanted to be sure the problem wasn’t on my end. I have made sure in the Nvidia Control Panel that it is selecting the Nvidia 1050 TI after adding it to the list.

I did run the scan command since I recently had an issue come up on my work laptop that was awful so I wanted to make sure I didn’t get a similar issue on my personal machine.

When my updates are pending restart, I’m planning to validate the SSD.

I have actually verified through steam that the files are valid.

I’ll definitely check on my other drivers as well.