Game starts, playable for 30 seconds, freezes, then crashes

Hello. As per the title, I’ve attached the related log files, error files, and screenshots.

*** (newer files in latest post below)**

Let me know if you need any more info. (Really want to play :smile: )

Appreciate all the work everyone is doing for this game. Much appreciated.

Hello again. I reinstalled using Steam this time and it seemed to resolve itself. So far, so good :smile:

Ugh … got to play for about 20 minutes and the same issue. Freezes, yet I can hear movements in the background. Then, crashes.

Just tried again, but to no avail. Same issue through Steam. I’ve attached the updated diagnostic files. Thanks again :smile:

Hey there,

Could you please follow the steps in this support article on Microsoft’s website?

It would be very helpful to know whether any issues are found when doing so.

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Thanks @Sarno :slight_smile:

To confirm, I followed the steps from the MS support article. Operation was completed successfully and then verified 100% complete.

Went back to my saved game, same issue. After I enter the time rift and talk to the knight on the bridge, I walk over the bridge and the game freezes, then crashes, unfortunately. Let me know if you need more info. Many thanks again!

Hello again @Sarno. Just tried again with the same result. This time, I was able to take a few more steps, but then the same issue. This time, I grabbed the error.log file, as well as the updated output_log. Hope these help out more.

same here lol,i can still play tough only with sound XD max played 20 mins then freezes then automatic turns white & black then i got back to my windows homepage where i can hear the game but ye…