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Game shortcut

I’ve tried to create a shortcut for Demo. I can’t find the exe. for the game, so i cant play it anymore as of now. plz help

If you downloaded the zip file from the link on kickstarter or discord, there is probably a zip file in your downloads folder that needs to be extracted. Once it is extracted you will have a folder in your downloads folder that has the exe in it.

If you need more help getting it going with specifics, come by our discord for quick response.

ok i can open the game up from the exe in downloads but i cant move or copy the exe icon to desktop.

also i cant get into your discord channel tried it a few times no luck :=(



If you right-click on the .exe, is there an option to Send to > Desktop (create shortcut) ?

Please try this Discord link:

ok im on discord, thx. I will try and do that on the icon.

Btw i wanted to also say the game is nice it looks really good too especially for an alpha! :=)

it worked thx again!

Sorry i know how to use a computer but im not tha saavy with one, lol