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Game progress not being saved to the cloud or accounts?

Hi there.
Yesterday I played as my paladin and reached 43 character level.
Today at work in my spare time I also played with it (on another pc) and reached about level 60.
After work, I returned home, launched the game and found that not only my character, but all game progress, including things in the in-game chest and so on, froze on that evening when I reached level 43 with my paladin.
And now I am at a loss what to do, because if I play now, then how will the data on my account be synchronized later (if they did it before).
And in general, why is my game progress not tied to an account, so that I can just play anywhere from any device?
By the way, I have the same question for loot filters. Why are they only saved locally and not in the account, and can optionally be exported to a file?
I hope I posted this post correctly.
This is a huge problem, if it is global, please respond and help.
Thank you.


ALL savegames, stash stores and loot filters are local to the system you play on… There are zero online account based saves right now. Once the multiplayer features are launched then you will have offline characters (exactly as you have now) and online characters which will be stored with your account on EHG servers… Offline and online characters will be entirely separate and will not be able to interact… i.e. online with online only… offline with offline local to your machine.

Everything is in the Last Epoch folder on your system: In windows that would be
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games

If you are using Steam, then Steam Cloud Saves can be used to sync saves from a secondary system to the primary system… Personally I hate steam cloud due to failures in the past with other games but its available in LE. I am not sure if Loot filters are copied tho… you would have to test this.

Thank you very much for your detailed answer, now everything is clear.