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Game keeps crashing since new patch

Hi, as title describes, game keeps crashing. I feel like it progressively got worse, as in initially it would crash every hour or so but right now I can’t even play the game for more than 5 minutes.

Sometimes the game just freezes, whereas some other times there is a small window (related to Unity? unsure) and then the game crashes.

I have reinstalled the game via steam, reduced graphical settings to minimum and also tried to play without any loot filters, none worked.

I am playing a Lightning Javelin Paladin, proccing Smite, but I believe that is not relevant since I also kept crashing while playing on a new character leveling up (lvl ~10 rogue)

Player-prev.log (74.7 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (527 Bytes)
Player.log (61.2 KB)
DxDiag_LE.txt (94.4 KB)

Thanks in advance

Hey, Welcome to the forums

Sorry you are having hassles with the game…

The player.log isnt providing much help - just seems like the game registers a crash without any preceeding error messages (at least not that I am used to seeing). The crashes are also in the dxdiag diagnostic section but they are only showing the crashes with the UnityPlayer.dll - no more detail to work from.

Can you look in:
C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/Local/Temp/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Crashes
and see if there are any error.log files that might contain more information about the crashing.

Whatever the cause, generally UnityPlayer.dll errors are resolved by the following steps:

  1. Verifying the game files (even after a reinstallation)

  2. Making sure that your OS is patched - yours is on 19041… there are two large patches since then 19042 and 43… I recommend you update.

  3. Updating GPU driver to something recent… Your drivers are dated, 10/22/2020 - which is almost a year ago so I would suggest that you do a driver installation… Clean / safe mode driver reinstallations (or using DDU) are recommended - just upgrading doesnt always work properly, especially if you are having issues that could be driver related.