Game keeps crashing every 2 mins

Hey, I just bought this game and it keeps crashing every minute or so. I have done everything, restart computer, repair via steam etc. I’ve been told to come here to look for answers, Here’s the crash log for it.

[error.log|attachment] (251.1 KB)

The problem you’re experiencing seems related to something we’re already investigating, but I don’t have any fixes at this time, unfortunately. I would recommend things like repairing the game, but you’ve obviously done that already. If you don’t have the latest drivers for your graphics card, you could also try updating those.

Could you also post your system information?

Apologies for not having a more definitive answer to give you.

I’ve already tried all of those, they’re up to date. But game still crashes every 2-3 mins or so. I played other games that’s more taxing on my PC and they still work so I think it’s not a performance issue but some kind of compatibility issue.

Here are the system information:

DxDiag.txt (106.5 KB)

test Verify Integrity of Game Files

I am in a very similar situation as the OP, game won’t run for more than a few minutes at a time, which is disappointing. I’m attaching relevant files, one thing of note the player log is complaining about not being able to load a library, the directory Last Epoch_Data/Mono does not exist, I’ve also included the relevant screenshot. I have validated local files through steam.

le_graphicsmanager.ini (494 Bytes)
Player-prev.log (18.4 KB)
DxDiag.txt (152.2 KB) (64.3 KB) (screenshot of Last Epoch_Data directory)

Here’s a better, longer, player log with more error info:

Player.log (44.3 KB)

I have notified them of that error and linked them to a solution to fix it. They bombed hard by developing this game in Unity. Should have picked another engine lol.

Edit : I’m in the same boat as you. Bought this game a month ago and still can’t play it.


Just an ack that you’ve read and acknowledge this would be nice, I’d rather have you working than on the forums all day but silence is deafening

I think you mean @Hackaloken (no umlaut over the o).

I just copied it out of his sig
regardless, an ack would be nice

I’m in the US, so I was neither on the forum or working this weekend :slight_smile:

I do understand it’s frustrating to be unable to play and go a few days without responses. The log file you provided does line up with other people that have reported similar issues on Nvidia graphics cards. The Fallback handler could not load library messages are benign.

We have a potential solution that we’re looking to implement. I’m working with developers on this issue but there are some other high priority tasks that came up internally. At this point it will be included in 0.7.9, rather than another hotfix update to 0.7.8.

:o Sarno would have been working.

Thanks Hackaloken, I figured as much which is why I didn’t even bother to ask until this morning after I saw you posted elsewhere.
Anything I can do to help you isolate the issue please let me know, it’s hard having all this horsepower and having to shuffle about :wink:

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