Game keep crashing every few minutes

Since this week my game keeps crashing every few minutes, making it pretty unplayable. I did upgrade my driver this weekend, not sure if it might be related… Here are the files mentioned in the sticky:
DxDiag.txt (100.6 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (489 Bytes)
Player.log (1.5 MB)

Hey there

Its unclear wverything you have teied from your post

Some people who have experienced crashes find it is resolved by:

I hope one of these works for you

I did everything suggested, still getting the bug every few mins. At this point it’s not even worth it to play the game… It was working fine last week

Hey mate. So i read you dxdiag and your app crashes are happening inside the Windows direct 3d 11 modules.

This could indicate that there is a compatibility issue with your graphics card and nvidia drivers (660 gtx, quite old and going out of support)

Can I recommend you:

I just updated my drivers last weekend for Diablo 4 which was requiring the new drivers… but why would the new driver make the game crash as opposed to old driver? Isn’t this something that should be fixed?

Fixed by who is the question?

If it turns out there is a bug in the driver, thats on Nvidia and EHG cant really do anything but try to find a way around it.

If it turns out there is a bug in Unity, thats on them and EHG have limited options again.

Only if the bug is entirely within Last Epoch, they have complete control.

Up to you, but at the moment, nobody probably knows where the bug is…

My suggestion might help. It might not. Ill leave it with you mate.

So the bug is still happening, making the game unplayable. Since then there has been an update from nvidia drivers, but that did not fix anything…

The issue is only happening with Last Epoch, no other game is giving me this issue so my guess is that the bug comes from the game.

Super annoying.

This fella also having some unpredictable crashes related to textures: Black screen and fan speeding up - #6 by Thojira

It definitely seems to be impacting some specific configurations, so very hard to pin down.

Hopefully with all the info on the forum posts, EHG can find the problematic code or textures and fix it up in a future patch.

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