Game keeeps crashing on entering Keepers Camp, Monoliths and changing Characters

my game crashes every time i try to travel to keepers camp or when i try to get to the Monoliths. Just before the new update it also started crashing when i want to change character, as soon as i press leave game and get into the character selection screen it crashes

Crash Character Selection - 6b3da507 (Character Selection Crash)
Crashdmp: Neko File Service

Enter Keepers Camp - f76cc373 (Enter Keepers Camp Crash)
Crashdmp: Neko File Service

–***-- can only put 5 links in a post^^ (Travel to Monolith Crash)
Crashdmp: Neko File Service

Sorry, i had to use controlc and nekonz because the files were too big for other sites

same thing happening to me too. 5 times in a row now for keepers camp.
crashing on char change too.

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