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Game goes to black screen and doesn't load

I have minor lag issues but not enough to stop the game. I defeat the big boss during Immortal Empire and try to go through the rift. It fades to black, then doesn’t go anywhere. At the beginning I clicked cuz I’m impatient, but after that, for the 3rd and 4th times it happened, I left it alone, and the last time it went to “not responding” and basically closed itself. It started on my acolyte, then I switched to my primalist and it did the same. It’s only been this one rift after this one boss. I’ve gotten through the other BBEG’s.

(also not sure how to post player logs if I have to do that)

Hey there… Welcome to the forum…

Generally issues that happen when transitioning between maps in the game are usually either a performance related issue, corrupted game files or a GPU driver problem.

Its hard to know which from the information you have provided…

Please can you attach the following files:

  • player.log - the games debug file
  • le_graphicsmanager.ini - the game setting file
  • the output of a dxdiag report (assuming windows) - a snapshot of your system & drivers.

On windows all LE files are in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch

In the meanwhile, you can try the following:

  1. If you are using Steam, then verify the game files to make sure your install is ok.

  2. Make sure that your GPU driver is recent (2 to 3 months at most) and installed using the CLEAN install option, not just an upgrade.

  3. To establish if this is a performance issue, as a test, reduce all your settings as follows: 1080p, all quality on very low, all special features on their lowest or disabled and 60 fps framerate limited (not vsync), no streamer mode.

Cannot offer more without the logs etc…

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