Game gets very slow (low FPS) after around 30 minutes of playtime [Mac]

When starting the game I get reasonable FPS (between 20-25) certainly not great but ok for a Beta. But then after certain amount of playtime (~30 minutes) the FPS drop dramatically to below 5 FPS. This always happens and only restarting the game solves the problem (tried changing zones, going back to the character screen, changing graphics settings back and forth etc…).

It can happen that for short periods the FPS go back to normal but this is always temporarily the game from then onwards runs at very low FPS.

I checked CPU load, memory usage etc… but all seem to be ok (although 7GB for the game is quite a lot of memory to use, but I have 16GB so this still fits).


Hi there,

Could I ask what temperature is being reported for your CPU and video card when one of the FPS drops occurs? I’d be curious whether it may be caused due to thermal throttling.

Could you please upload a system report file as an attachment to a new post in this thread?

Hi Sarno,
sorry for the late reply did not have much time to game in the last days ;-( Find attached the system report file. I do not think the issue is related to thermal throttling. The CPU temp looks fine (45C) and the GPU is 70C. The Mac I am using is a MacPro (5.1) with a 3.33GHz 6-core proc and as GPU I have a AMD RX580



Mac (306.4 KB)

Same here. MacBook Pro 16” which comes with 2,3 (4,8) GHz 8-core proc and AMD Radeon Pro 5500M

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