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Game frozen and crashed in The Surface since Patch 0.5.3

i play today a new charcter (beastmaster) and when i come to The Surface i make 1-3 steps forward and the game is frozen and after 10 till 20 secs it crashed and shutdown.
I try this about 10 times and always the same.
pls check this.
Thank you very much for help.
best regards

It would likely help the devs if you could include your log file:

thx for the fast answer. I try to attach the output_log.txt file but your messagner didnt accept .txt files. Then i make a .jpg file, then comes an error message that are my file is corruted.
What can i do that i can attach you the output_log.txt to this message.
Please short explain.
Greetings Otrotos

hi again,
i send the output_log file via e-mail as a .zip file, not over this messagner.

We haven’t received this. Could you confirm for me which address you sent it to?

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