Game freezes when opening Skills & Specializations tab

Hey. Im playing beastmaster and evrytime i get specialization point and i open tab, my game freezes for 30-60sec. Also when i put point to some skill in there i get same freeze with 30-60sec. Everytime i change specilization tab my game freezes for 30-60sec.

And last but not least my game freezes for 30-60sec when i try to change skill from my skillbar.

Edit: Steam client here also
Edit2: here is pastebin output_log Initialize engine version: 2018.3.8f1 (fc0fe30d6d91)GfxDevice: creating device -
Edit3: Some pics of my skills, passives and specialization

I have the same problem, im also playing Beast Master. my Freezes last from 3 to 10 minutes. this is on the steam client. im gona try the stand alone clinet and see if the problem presists. after getting the Stand alone client the problem is still there

level 50 primalist here, steam version, running off an ssd. Here’s a dump of a fresh output_log of me logging in and then opening/closing the S screen for a couple of minutes. My freezes are 1-2 sec each.

I also had the same problem, which even affected my whole game to start crashing frequently.

How did you fix it? Since u state: “had”

Kinda annoying. THere is also another thread about this:

i did not fix it, its still threre. you can fix it by not playing Primalist. anny other class works fine

This happens to me constantly too. Doesn’t matter what type of character.

This happened to me before, and I managed to get rid of it by respeccing my entire passive tree, despecializing all skills and rebooting the game. Seeing it in the patch notes made me curious, so I looked for similarities in the skills I had and Nadragh has.

We both had recently taken the node Canine Agility in the wolf tree, so here is what I did:

  1. Make a new Primalist
  2. Get level 4
  3. Specialize in wolf
  4. Spend a point in Canine Agility
  5. Reboot the game
  6. Summon wolf
  7. Wait for a bit

Now when I open skills menu, or do just about anything my game lags out. The lag gets even worse if you have summon wolf in multiple skill slots (which I was forced to do before to summon multiple wolves) and especially if you try to hover alt on the summon wolf skill. Here is a screenshot of the tooltip and it doesn’t look right.

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so after this patch I did the suggestion on the forum to remove my companions and it removed most of the freeze time and it only has a 1-2sec freeze time however and I need help from other ppl to corroborate this, after the skill tree is open if you hover over the skills description they are all smooth to transition from skill to skill EXCEPT when hovering over Summon Wolf which cause the game to freeze up again for about 2-3 secs. Same issue happened when hovering over their description in skill bar selection. Having placed Summon Wolf on my bar, casting the skill causes freezes as well as placing skills when the wolf is up( summoned) since it re-casts the skill it freezes the game as well.

I get this same issue, anywhere the summon wolf skill cnd be displayed, both the skills UI menu for specializing, and the just clicking any skill and have the mouse over data load above the bar will make my game just lock up for 30 seconds to a minute. Running the game in a windowed mode, maximized on a 2560x1440 screen resolution. And yea, the ALT stats on the wolf ability is completely bonkers.

output_log.txt (556.4 KB)
Game crashed on me after heavy spiking multiple times when i was doing stuff with the wolfes and thorny totems

had no problems until last patch 070c.
Now it’s unplayable.
Deleted my High-Lvl Primalist and started a new one.
Every click (except moving) freezes the client 2-5 minutes. :confused:

edit: after a PC- restart (set graphic from very high to high) i can play without freezes.
lvl 30 and no problems so far.

Same here, never had the problem, but now have it with my Beastmaster. :frowning:
I wanted to respec my wolves, was able to despecialize, now the first spot is open and I can’t select a skill to specialize in, just get this, when I click on Select a skill:

It does respond again, but I am at the same screen, can only close it, trying to select a skill just repeats the whole process.

Ok, i despecialized my wolf tree and put only 1 point to canine agility, nowhere else i didnt. after 5-10 min my game starts to freeze when trying to open skills or change skills from hotbar. Im pretty sure its the reason to this problem. Im gonna test if this happens without canine and other nodes is wolf tree.

Edit: So far all goes well without canine agility.

In another thread about this problem, one user cleared the shadercache which helped (see link)…might be worth a try?

We have a likely fix for this which will be included next patch.

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That will be AMAZING!
Thanks for all your work that you do. Really appreciate it!

That good to hear, thanks alot for your hard work :wink:

After about 30min of testing this with 1 point in Canine Agility everything works good. Testing more and if i see something i’ll report.

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