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Game freezes & crashes after making character

Hi there,

I literally just bought the game at $50, installed the launcher and ran it. All was good until I created my character, upon loading into the game the loading screen hangs for about 2-3 minutes then the game just closes.

I really hope I can get this sorted as i’m not settling for paying $50 for nothing.


Please post the following to help us investigate this;

You should be able to attach these files to a forum post.

I have all three files but because I’ve just bought the game, I can’t upload them here because i’m a new user apparently.

However, i’ve made a Google Drive folder and placed them there. Here’s a link:

Notice anything that could be causing the game to freeze/crash?

Let’s try performing a clean boot of Windows without other programs running.

Making the following settings in the graphics file could also help;

  • qualitylevel=Low
  • GrassQuantity=0

After you’ve finished testing, don’t forget to return your boot settings to normal. The page on Microsoft’s website I linked to above has instructions for this - you may need to scroll down.

Did all of what you said and it still stops responding & crashes on the exact same spot.

If it helps, 2 seconds before the game starts to not respond, I hear what sounds like running water while the BGM continues then when it DOES stop responding, all sound stops.

This is the result after turning TerrainQuality, HX & CTSTextureSize all to “Low”.

This time I heard the running water effect for a lot longer and after listening to the Last Epoch theme tune four times in a row, it finally crashed and gave me this (screenshot)

Here’s an updated output log file:

A lot of stuff related to crashes in there but I can’t make sense of it rofl.

Could you upload anything that’s in AppData\Local\Temp\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Crashes ? It might offer more details for us to diagnose the issue. Thanks!

Of course! I actually am in the middle of reinstalling it while I waited for the community manager’s reply, just as a last ditch effort y’know but i’ll try after the reinstallation and if it crashes, i’ll hit up this post with the file.

Right okay, sorry for the long wait.

I tried running the game as administrator after the reinstallation and it just did the same thing. Unfortunately when I went to where you specified, there was no ‘Crashes’ file there.

Another update as well, which I think is the problem, is that I didn’t even think to check the minimum specs for the game before buying and my specs are quite a bit lower.

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i5 650 @ 3.20GHz
2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 710

So I believe this whole thing is because i’m a moron and didn’t think before buying. I do appologise for dragging this on. Really should’ve done the research before the purchase. I’ll just have to wait until I can upgrade my comp.

Please e-mail if you’d like to discuss additional options. :slight_smile:

Closing thread as issue has been resolved.