Game crashing on loading maps

New player here… I love this game and I really want to play more but ever since I first launched it, I’ve been encountering several crashes and other bugs.

Primarily, my game crashes every time it’s loading a new map/location (travel), sometimes even crashing the entire PC, or forcing it to restart. In addition, sometimes locations load completely black (with only the UI showing). (279.5 KB)

System Info.txt (81.9 KB)

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

Sorry you are having hassles playing…

Based on your system info, you are using a 2GB GTX 760 which is the absolute lowest minimum GPU the game will run at… You havent provided your le_graphicsmanager.ini so I cannot tell what settings you are attempting to use but I would guess they are too high.

Based on the player.logs in the various folders, the game is reporting all the usual error messages when it is struggling to run at the game settings on the hardware you have:

D3D11: Failed to create RenderTexture (512 x 512 fmt 9 aa 1)
d3d11: failed to create 2D texture shader resource view id=11403
d3d11: failed to create 2D texture id=12009 width=512 height=512 mips=10 dxgifmt=77

The above errors are repeated over and over in all the crash logs you provided and the game just gives up.

This usually happens when loading into a new map as the game has to unload the old map, then load in the new map and this stresses the GPU subsystem more than when just playing in a map… Your description of the problem is exactly what happens…

I would recommend the following:

Set your in-game settings to:

1080p (you might even have to consider 720p)
All quality settings to VERY LOW
All special features like shadows/grass DISABLED or the lowest possible setting
Framerate limit 30fps (at 1080p)…

This should improve stability in-game - but you need to realise that you are using the hardware that has the same performance as the absolute lowest possible hardware supported so the game IS going to struggle in its current unoptimised beta state. Even after optimisation its not going to run well on your setup.

Additional things:

  1. Your Windows 10 installaiton could use some updating… you are on 19042… 19044 is the latest and there are known peformance improvements etc…

  2. Your GPU driver is from 22/11/2020 - this is FAR too old and needs to be updated… This could definitely be causing part of your crashing/instability.

  3. Your system is generally using pretty old drivers for various things… please make sure these are updated/working properly.

  4. Your dxdiag report diagnostic section is showing a lot of errors on Windows system files, LogonUI.exe, dwm.exe. sihost.exe… Etc… Some of these are serious indicators of problems on your system… There are also lots of Bluescreen error messages that could be happening for any number of reasons - none are usually good. On a less serious note, even your iCue software is hanging and your Razer Synapse mouse software is crashing ntdll.dll… So your Windows installation is not happy… irrespective of what LE is doing… and you need to do some general maintenance and see whats going on… View Reliability History/Check your event viewer and deal with all these various potential issues… You may even need to run Windows SFC

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