Game Crashing after reworking character

So I do not know what I have done to make the game crash but I rework the passives and skills on my acolyte and now my game crashes constantly and consistently playing just that character. This crash happens even when I am idle and my minions are standing still out of combat. No revenant active or putrid wraith active.

I am using 4 archer skeletons Bone golem. since those guys are active when I crash every time I think it might be them. I personally believe it to be Tower of Bones Rank 3~4 that started it. I just started using bone golem today and thats when the crashes started but I also started using putrid wraiths and revenant skills as well. IDK if you guys get crash reports but thats all I have on the matter.

Could you please post a log file after the game client crashes so we can better investigate this?

Moving thread from #bugs to #technical support.

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