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Game crashes to desktop every other map

Started having this problem out of the blue where I might be able to run one map maybe two but then it just throws a crash indicator then goes straight to the desktop. I checked for all Windows updates and verified integrity of game files.

Player.log (86.2 KB)
Player-prev.log (100.6 KB)


  • What in-game graphics settings are you using?
  • What graphics card drivers are you using?

Try the following in-game settings as a temporary test:
1080p, 60fps framerate limited (remember the checkbox)
ALL in-game settings to very low or disable or the lowest possible option.

Play and see if the game is more stable for longer…

If it is, then you are suffering for with the performance related instability in the game and need to dial back your settings in favour of stability vs eye-candy.

Posting your dxdiag and in-game settings files would also help.

Ultra settings, 3440x1440, maximized window.
Driver 471.11

1920x1080 settings at 60fps seems to run stable with ultra settings.

Ok… looks like you are a victim of the known performance instability issue.

Ultra settings - even on high end 30 series GPUs - is very unstable and imho isnt visually that much difference than lower quality settings. It also has the issue of unneccesarily loading the GPU and in LEs current beta state, playing with a maxed out GPU is almost assured of crashing the game.

Here is my usual suggestion:

  • Enable some software to monitor your GPU usage % or use task manager.
  • Now that you have confirmed that the game in its base testing (i.e. the 1080p 60fps. all settings on very low etc)…is stable
  • Increase only the resolution to what you want to play at. Nothing else… Test again and adjust accordingly if it gets unstable.
  • If its still stable, then increase the fps ONLY to whatever your monitor can handle or LESS. e.g. a 60hz monitor cannot technically display more than 60fps. Test again for stability but monitor the GPU usage… Remember this is not a first person shooter type game so there is no need for super high fps. You MUST enable framerate limiting in LE right now - its too unstable to leave it unlimited and do not use vsync.
  • Imho, your target GPU usage AVERAGE should be somewhere in the 60-70% average so that there is headroom for busy in-game moments where it will spike up or even max out for short periods of time. This target is obviously related to your specific hardwares ability to remain stable and within thermal norms so your mileage may vary.
  • If your GPU usage is still decently low, then increase the in-game graphic settings one by one watching the GPU usage - you will have to trade fps limits vs graphic quality to see what works the best on your hardware and your visual eye-candy preference.
  • As you are already having hassles, my recommendation is not to go more than Medium/High for any single setting. This will obviously be dependant on your resolution and target fps/gpu usage. You simply need to juggle each variable to find stability at an acceptable quality.
  • This process should allow you to find a decent compromise that works for your system setup.

When the devs can dedicate some quality time to dealing with the game optimisation then we can all enjoy more eye-candy but for now its best to be conservative in the in-game settings.