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Game crashes at "Entering Eterra"


My game is crashing shortly after I launch, I see the Last Epoch splash screen, then at “Entering Eterra” I see the portal animate for about half a second before the application freezes entirely, with menu music continuing. I was able to play successfully on 0.8.3d two days ago, yesterday this started and has not stopped.

I have tried flushing dns, verifying in steam, and uninstalling and reinstalling. I have attached my dxdiag but there is no eleventh hour games folder in my appdata\local\temp\ so I have no
crash log to attach(I have to force quit, the client runs endlessly in this state otherwise).

Thank you

whoops forgot the attachment
DxDiag.txt (104.2 KB)

i foolishly forgot to restart my computer, and that fixed it.

The last epoch files are in:

BOOTDRIVE:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games

You may have to enable hidden folder view on your system to see the folder.

Rebooting would obviously have reset anything, including any processes that were still running from previous crashes and causing secondary issues.

From the info you did provide, I can see that Last Epoch is not crashing specifically but it is Hanging so its important to reboot before starting it again or manually terminating the Steam & other processes that are related to it…

The player.log might indicate why its hanging but it may also just show normal play without the debug picking up a problem.

I see from your DXDIAG that your GPU driver is from 2020… I would definitely suggest an update - doesnt have to be the latest and greatest, but definitely something newer that that… (and make sure to do a clean installation not upgrade)

Without seeing your settings file, the only other thing I can recommend is that you are conservative with your in-game graphics settings and be sure to have a fps limit in place… Even on your 2070… LE is in beta and has performance issues that cause crashes/freeze/hangs etc. so right now its best to find a lower, visually acceptable and stable config rather than pushing for eye-candy etc…