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Game crashes and restarts PC

Hello there,

Have been getting weird crashes since I purchased the game. It happens on average every 1-2 hours, but sometimes I had crashes just after 10 minutes of gaming. Happens while playing different classes.

Also, pretty sure the game also crashed after I left it tabbed out for a few hours, as I came back to an restarted PC one time. (But sometimes I could leave it running for a few hours and it was fine)

I never had similar issues with other games.

As I am not using steam, I cannot use the repair tool, but here is my logs: (47.8 KB) (16.2 KB)

I would recommend try verifying your game files first

How would I do that? I am not using steam, so there is no button for it.

Ah damn I’m sorry, I’m not sure how to. I’ve only used steam, but maybe just fiddle around in the launcher settings, or maybe if you right click on the game and it might be through something there. Sorry I couldn’t help you

Looks like I found the issue - the game was using massive amounts of RAM, so even with my 16gb, looks like the system was running out.

Now I am more careful with closing the browser before playing and playing with some settings to reduce RAM usage of the game. Yesterday did not see any crashes.

Anyone knows which settings impact RAM usage the most? So I can just tune them down instead of tuning everything down.

Not many settings other than maybe grass density will really effect ram usage. This is because when your computer loads a level of the game, it loads everything it needs into the RAM for that level. Everything else like texture and stuff are loaded into the VRAM, only things that add more objects will affect RAM(mostly) such as mob density/amount(which this game doesn’t have a setting for).

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

A few things to add to what has already been tried:

  1. Your OS could use an update - its on 19042… the latest is 19044… There were updates in the 19042 cycle that affected game performance etc… its likely that you have the hotfixes already but I would recommend updating to at least 19043 and double checking that there are no failed updates / pending critical updates.

  2. The player.log is not showing specific memory related errors that I can see - there are usually very obvious log messages if its memory related e.g. “System out of memory”. Its also not really showing the usual performance related instability error - i.e. trying to run the game at higher settings than the hardware can handle… There are some particle system errors in the older log so this might suggest running at lower quality but on their own particle errors are not usually a sign of an issue… There are however errors that may be related to a messed up installation - if you havent already done so, I would recommend a reinstallation - just in case - especially if, as you say, you have been getting crashes very often - something could have become corrupted.

  3. The Dxdiag diagnostics (end of the file) are showing BEX64 errors on the LE launcher - its the only error reported over and over… If you do a google search on the error you will see various reasons from Data Execution Protection to problem GPU drivers or corrupted app installations. It may be that one of these solutions helps in your case… (i.e. disabling DEP, safe mode clean driver installation/DDU or reinstallation of the game).,

  4. You dont provide your le_graphicsmanager file so i dont know what settings you are trying to run the game at, but if you compare Ultra vs Very Low you will/should see a marked and noticeable difference in game Ram usage (and GPU vram)… Playing with settings will help limit the amount of Ram the game uses… From the dxdiag you are using 2 1080p screens that are only capable of showing 60hz so you can also cap the framerate to 60fps (the screen cannot physically show frames faster anyway) - this will prevent the game from doing odd things and should allow your 3070 to handle higher quality without any hassle. Yes, your 3070 can handle faster fps, but your screen physically cannot and having a framerate cap makes LE much more stable… While you have decent hardware, LE is unoptimised and does have performance related instability, so its best to be conservative for a better/stable gaming experience.

  1. Temporarily dont run anything else while testing LE… There are third party apps that can and do mess with LE - just temporarily dont run anything. Doesnt matter how irrelevant you think they are, just dont run them and see what is happening… This includes things like overlays, windows game modes etc…
  1. Monitor your GPU/CPU for temperatures, clock speed changes or any noticeable changes while playing. Watch if your GPU is maxing out or anything etc…

  2. Not sure if you are using any overclocking etc… but you mention your system restarts… an overly agressive overclock or power draw on your 9900k and 3070 may be causing the reboots… If not restricted, LE will try and use up resourced and this can potentially affect things.