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Game crashes and causes blue screen or simply restarts the pc

I am currently playing a acolyte necromancer build. This is my first character, so far about lvl 35. I have 6 skeles, 4 mages, 1 golem and 2 perm wraiths. This is my general play style at the moment.

My game will generally run for about a hour or more before the crash occurs(although twice it happened within a few minutes of playing.) I am running all settings on the lowest or have them off. The only thing that is not low is the resolution, which is set to max. (2560 I believe.) I’ve tried checking the integrity of files in steam, doing a complete new install of my graphics card and tried making sure nothing was running aside from LE.

DxDiag.txt (96.1 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (493 Bytes)

I will provide any additional info that may be useful. Thanks again, just look forward to playing with no hard crashes like these.

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

At first glance, your system should be able to handle the game ok at the settings you are using - even at the 2560x1440 resolution. The game is obviously still in beta and suffers from a lack of performance optimisation. Setting the game to 1080p would confirm if you are suffering from the known performance instability issues… The game can and does stress various components CPU/GPU & memory etc, but your hardware, provided its working properly, should handle things fine.

Your player.log (the games debug file) may have additional information specifically from the game itself but if you are bluescreening, then I doubt the games on error trapping will have had time to record anything - please can you post the file anyway so that we can check. On Windows its in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch

IMPORTANT: After looking at your Dxdiag report, I see some concerning errors in the Diagnostic Section at the end of the file… I have not yet seen anything like this with people having hassles playing LE - usually problems with LE that cause a BSOD are messed up GPU drivers or systems getting stressed / overheating when trying settings that are way beyond the capabilities of the hardware. Nothing like what your logs are reporting.

From doing various searches on the problem signatures & descriptions, these all seem to refer to a hardware error of some kind… It looks like these errors seem to refer to the CPU, Memory or even specific hardware related drivers (including Bios) causing the problems…

The BSOD codes you are getting:

  • 124 is listed as a Fatal Hardware Error that windows was unable to recover from.
  • 9C is listed as a Fatal Machine Check Exception
  • 7F is listed as the Intel CPU generating a trap and the OS kernel failed to catch the trap

I would suggest that you View Reliability History on your system and see what Windows Event viewer is logging because these are most definitely not normal behavious for a system and any additional information will help you figure out what is going on.

Also a review of the MEMORY.DMP file could provide more detail of what is happening.

From reviewing the recommended troubleshooting around these kinds of errors, it is obviously WAY beyond the scope of trying to help here…

Barring finding something that points to the problem directly, I would definitely suggest that you stress test the various components properly to see if the problem can be traced… Everything from Prime95 and Furmark kinds of tests to running Memory testing (multiple times over) and running things like harddrive testers etc… I would suggest monitoring things like thermals and seeing if the components - especially the CPU are running at spec… Its important to do this to try and establish if this is directly related to LE or just something stressing the machine in a particular way…

On the hardware side, I would make sure that your machine is clean, fans etc are running, memory sticks are seated properly, GPUs are ok… nothing smells like its burnt out (especially the power supply) or visually defective… I would definitely make sure that all components are running at spec and there are no overclocks on your CPU/GPU or even memory…

On the software side, the usual things like motherboard BIOS updates & DDU GPU driver installs would be my first check… Making sure that any and all hardware drivers are ok especially anything do with your Intel CPU/chipsets etc… I would even suggest Using System File Checker in Windows to ensure your windows install is actually ok.

The more I read up on this online, the more I get the feeling that this could be a very tricky issue to troubleshoot & resolve…

I see there is alot that could be going on. The system is getting a little old, I believe I bought it in 2018 sometime. As i’m not very comfortable messing with stuff on the hardware side, would you suggest I take it in to a professional to have various things tested?

I will go ahead and use the file checker for windows and see if it comes up with anything.

On a positive note, I did come across 1 suggestion that I had not tried. I turned off the steam overlay, and then I started the game up and played for the last 3 hours. By far the longest I played with no issues at all. I have other stuff to do, but so far that seems promising.

Edit: I understand the game is in beta, but I just figured i’d mention I do play alot of other games, including oculus rift s vr, at high setting and have never had a crash like this before.

Player.log (329.4 KB)

2018 isnt old… my setup is from 2016 and still running fine at at the expected performance levels… However, I built it myself, have resinstalled it numerous times, changed fan configurations, re-pasted the CPU, changed power supply etc… i.e. its maintained obsessively compared to the average user setup.

Hardware related issues taken to a specialist… If you have no experience with that side of things, then yes… Problem is finding someone to trust and knows how to approach the issue properly without just telling you that you need a new machine and giving you a quote… The average pimpled teenager doing tech support at the local pc store is, imho, not ideal - especially for something thats not an obvious like a harddrive failure or power supply problem. One thing I would definitely recommend is that you try and isolate the cause of the problem as much as you can before going to a hardware place - similar to trying to figure out whats going on with your car before taking it to the mechanic cause you know he is going to attribute the knocking in the back passenger side to a coin he found rattling in the boot/trunk… :wink:

Third party apps like Steam Overlay etc… do definitely make a difference in some configurations but usually conflicts and errors in this regard leave a trace - like your diagnostics will have an error log that points specifically to an app component like a DLL file causing the issue or a conflict with a driver. Even totally irrelevant apps like Citrix/Teamviewer can cause major problems. But if its making a difference, then definitely leave it disabled… The main thing here is that it may not directly be the primary cause of the problem - just contributing to the result / speeding up the crash.

Regarding other games… This is why I suggested the stress testing to see if you can make the issue happen not playing LE by running specific tests (and even running them concurrently)… imho, LE at the moment (beta/unoptimised) can stress a system in ways that could be more like a benchmarking/stress test than a normal game - ie its not “normal use” - for example, just running debug code for dev purposes to find bugs can add overhead that “shouldnt/wouldnt” be there in a normal situation… So you may be able to play something else that is well optimised that doesnt stress your system nearly in the same way and never causes any issue… Like a runner who has a heart condition… if he keeps his pace comfortable he may never notice a problem vs sprinting the last mile and having a heart attack at the finish.

Looking at your player.log I am seeing the usual/expected particle system errors, navmesh issues, missing scripts (from previous versions not yet cleaned up) and one or two items that are specific bugs that the devs already know about and even one or two I personally havent seen like and issue with the Orchirian mob actions, but generally the log is showing normal play debug msgs and nothing to indicate something that is known to potentially cause a crash/bluescreen… at least nothing I can see… in instances where the this is likely, the log is usually full of errors that eventually lead to a truncated log (potentially bluescreen or freeze) or the game gives up “gracefully” and logs a specific error report before shutting down… nothing like this in yours…

Just a note… I am in no way precluding the possibility that a bug in LE may be involved somehow, but based on the types of errors you are getting, I would be very surprised that a software app, even a beta app, could be causing the bluescreens and not leaving a trace in a log somewhere…