Game crashes all the time, HUGE VRAM usage, froze entire PC

I just bought the game because even though it’s EA, from everything i’ve seen and read, it’s in a playable state, except it doesn’t look like it.

I crash everytime when i click to play with the character i just created, it crashes when it goes to the loading screen, the game is using 6GB VRAM with settings at MEDIUM and the game even froze my entire PC one time and i had to hard reset.

PC specs:
Ryzen 5 2600
16GB DDR4 3066MHz
GTX 1060 6GB
1366x768 monitor
Corsair CX450W

So, how can i fix this?

Welcome to the forum…

Unfortunately you havent provided enough information to be sure of the probable cause of the issue… What you describe sounds like the known performance related instability issues with LE in its current beta state (incomplete and generally unoptimised)… Based on your brief system spec, its possible but its very hard to guess at the cause without more info…

Please can you upload the following:

  1. player.log (games debug file) - important to add this immediately after a crash because these are cycled and overwritten on each reload.
  2. le_graphicsmanager.ini (game settings file)
  3. output of a dxdiag report (system config and drivers) - assuming you are using Windows?

(LE Files found in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch on Windows)

Some general things in the meanwhile:

  1. If you are using Steam, please run the Game File Verification option to make sure your installation is correct.

  2. Make sure that your GPU drivers are no older than 2-3 months… and make sure that the drivers are installed with a CLEAN driver install - not an upgrade.

  3. Make sure your windows is fully patched and there are no failed or outstanding patches.

  4. Temporarily do not run any other applications or services while testing LE - doesnt matter how irrelevant you think they are, just dont run anything… This includes things like Steam Overlays etc…

  5. Test with the following - set in-game settings to 1366x768, all quality settings on Very Low with special features either disabled or on their lowest setting… enable 60fps framerate limiting (do not use vsync). Do not enable streamer mode etc…

Just a side note, EA has nothing to do with this game. The developer is Eleventh Hour Games.

hurr durr, Early Access, don’t try to troll.

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