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Game crashed, need to retsart PC, loot filter not working and breaks game

Hello the dev team and everyone,

I experienced a crash today that froze my whole PC after I finished a lvl 58 echo (new player here).

After, I logged in as normal but I saw that my loot filter was not working properly, so I opened the loot filter window and it said me to create a new filter. I clicked on open folder but all my filters were already there. So, I clicked on create new and I will pick. None of them were showing even when I copy-pasted one there second time.
After that, I could not close the filter window, every time I try to close it it opens me the “welcome loot filter page” where it says create or import a new filter. All other functions than stop working, for example I can’t open C or P, not even esc is working and I need to alt+F4 my game…

If anyone knows how to help me I would be eternally grateful as I really enjoy this game and want to play more.

Hey, Welcome to the forums…

Sounds like you have a corrupted or malformed loot filter file - you havent included the game logs (player.log) or any other information so its impossible to be sure, but it sounds like that is probably the cause of the issue.

If that is the issue (again, educated guess here), then the simple solution is to delete all files from the filter folder while the game is not running… That should then allow the game to start and not get hung up on a bad filter. Obviously you would have to recreate the filters but thats, imho, a small price to pay…

Corruption of files is very possible as this is still a beta and if the game crashed or didnt shutdown correctly while trying to access the filters then its very possible it could have messed up… Filters can also get corrupted if you manually edit the filter files or import other filters from somewhere else that may not be correct.

I would also recommend that you verify the game files (if you are using Steam) to ensure that your install is actually ok.

If that doesnt solve anything then you need to update this thread with your player.log (from immediately after a crash as they cycle), le_graphicsmanager.ini (settings) and the output of a dxdiag report (if you are using windows).

Oh yeah thank you very much, I don’t know why I didn’t think to delete the filters… yeah when I removed them it works.

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