Game Crash + uninstalled

I was playing in Monolith (the third one) with lightning blast/elemental nova. Got to a boss and started using lightning blast (can’t remember the boss’ name as the game crashed just when I got near). My fans started going nuts as it went full blast. I turned off my computer using the power switch and started my computer back up. I tried launching the game again and found Last Epoch uninstalled.Player-prev.log (22.6 KB)

Just to add, I lost all my gold as well… All 100k of them :frowning:

edit: and I lost all my affix shards…

edit 2: well all my items in the stash are gone…

Happened again today. Luckily I learned and had a back up, but that meant I lost a lot of progress. I understand this is beta and it’s to be expected. All I want to know is if the team is aware of the save issue (and game uninstalling after a crash) and if there’s any ETA on when this will be fixed. Character progression is really critical - this kind of technical issue can be detrimental. It’s hard to play a game not knowing when everything (shards, money, items in stash) are deleted. I fully understand the risk of playing a game in beta and I don’t expect everything to work like a charm. But we are not playing this game without base expectations of being able to have fun and to trust that our progression is safe.

I’ve had exact same experience. I posted recently and mentioned that my computer would restart itself but some of those instances the game would appear to be not installed and when I would reinstall it, it would reinstall almost immediately due to the fact that it was already there.

Hi same here, but during act 2, a little bit after the great college quest.

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