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Game Crash on start

My game is refusing to launch, its causing my computer to crash with a “memory management” error code. Every time i launch it gives a quick error message then blue screens before i can get a snapshot of it. (152 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (62.0 KB)

So I tried to uninstall the game, and reinstall it, and now every time it goes to download the game it crashes in the middle of the download. Its not crashing for anything else, I don’t understand, this game is now completely unplayable for me.

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Sorry that you are having these hassles trying to play the game…

The you provided contains a zero byte crash.dmp file but there are various files in the game directory that would help trying to see what is going on here - please post them.

  • Are you trying to use this via Steam or the standalone launcher from Last Epoch?
  • Crashing during a download without even starting the game is very odd.
  • It would have been useful to get more detail on that first error message or even what the Bluescreens exact message might have been - e.g. what dll or exact crash message.

Looking at your dxdiag:

  1. The end of the file contains all the recent errors - there are lots of Bluescreens recorded but they dont reference LE or any other things to help deduce what the cause is. It may be useful to look in the Windows Logs and see what the bluescreens reference.

  2. There are errors by WerFault.exe crashing ntdll.dll - which is the error reporting system crashing. This is not a good sign for your systems general stability.

  3. There is also an error in svchost.exe_SysMain - which is a component of Windows that runs at startup and does a multitude of things ranging from preloading your favourite apps in background to Windows Updates & Diagnostic services and various other things that happen in background… Crashes with this service can involve a multitude of things and it can even be caused by a corrupted user profile on your system. This should not have anything to do with LE and should not be crashing and is another red flag on your system.

  4. Your OS looks updated to 19042 but based on the errors I am a little concerned that the Windows Update actually ran properly… I would recommend you run Windows System File Checker to verify your system files… After that completes, I would suggest you run Windows Update again and see if anything updates.

  5. Your GPU drivers are from May 2020… Thats pretty old now… I would suggest that you update these to something from the last few months - I do not recommend the latest version as these can be a little unstable, but something from a month or two ago would be good. Old/corrupted gpu drivers are the main reason for bluescreens with LE… Considering the bluescreens I would suggest you follow the safe mode boot to unistall the old and install the new drivers to ensure that the system… you can also consider DDU.

  6. Considering downloading and installing a new game requires drivespace etc I took a quick look at your Drive config in the dxdiag… It seems very odd with drives F/I having 0.1GB… So… Do you have some strange raid setup going or odd partitioning? Is it working ok - are there any errors related to drives being reported in your Windows Error/System logs?

  7. In addition the the above… If you are using Steam, downloading the game should not crash - that has nothing to do with LE and points to a problem with Steam or something else on your system. If the game does manage to install, then make sure to verify the game files via steam…