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Game crash every 0.5-1 hour

Dear Eleventh Hour Games.

Game crash all time if im using medium graphics settings (or better).
I think so the problem is the 8 gb ram. Its not enought to medium settings.
My comp: ryzen 1600, 8gb ddr4, rx 570 8gb, ssd.
Its not bad computer. Game running fix 60 fps if im using medium or high settings. But 8gb ram why not enought?
No crash if im change the graphics to low or lowest.
Any way to clear this problem?


This is a known performance related instability problem. I.e. higher settings on older hardware can cause the game to crash.

Based on helping out on the forum for almost 2 years, this performance is about what can be expected from the game right now.

I use a GTX 1060 3GB (about 5-10% faster performance than a rx 570) and I run the game at Very Low settings with a 60fps framerate limit (very important) at 1080p… I can run it at Medium but the game will freeze or have lag spikes regularly… If I do not cap the framerate in-game (not vsync) to 60 or less, then it WILL eventually crash on Medium or higher settings - especially if using a map teleport/changing maps.

Until the devs optimise the game performance, there is very little that you can do about this right now.

Most stable & highest performance settings at 1080p, are Very Low quality. special features disabled or on their lowest setting, 60fps in-game framerate limit (NOT vsync). Streamer mode disabled.

EDIT: The above is assuming that the game files have been verified (Steam), you are using a recent GPU driver installed via a clean installation, your windows is patched properly and that there are no 3rd party apps that could be conflicting with the unity game engine…