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Game Consistently Crashing on Map Change


Just started playing this week. Fun game, but I keep getting some regular issues:

  • Game consistently crashing when entering the Courtyard map.
  • If I don’t crash, I get a black screen where the map and characters don’t render, but the UI does (I can also still hear music and sounds)

Note: These crashes and graphical issues also happen on other maps, but it’s more sporadic. It doesn’t happen as regularly as it does for this one specific map. I’d appreciate any advice, loving the game otherwise.

Edit: I’ve tried verifying Steam game files and updated my driver.

DxDiag.txt (83.4 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (474 Bytes)
Player.log (58.1 KB)
Player-prev.log (62.8 KB)

Hey. Welcome to the forums…

Sorry you are having hassles trying to play the game stably.

Black screens have been a known issue with GPU drivers. For example, driver 466.77 does this regularly on 30 series GPUs. Just updating drivers doesnt usually work without doing a safe mode driver uninstall/install (or using something like DDU).

Crashes when loading maps are usually a sign of trying to run the unoptimsed beta LE with settings that are too agressive for your hardware or a problem with the GPU drivers.

From a quick check of your in-game settings & hardware config, I can see that you are running the game with the exact settings known to cause instability. Your CPU & GPU cannot handle the High settings you have enabled and you have no any framerate limiting to prevent LE from maxing out your GPU.

My suggestion would be:

  • Make 100% sure that you are not using nvidia driver 466.77 and do a proper safe mode driver replacement or use DDU to ensure that whatever driver you are using, is correctly installed.

  • You need to change your in-game settings

    • As an example, I use a 1060/i5-7500/16gb/NVME system and I run the game at 1080p, 55fps framerate limited, ALL in-game settings on very low or disabled. At this configuration the game is stable, very playable and I average over 45-50 fps during normal play with only dipping into the late 20fps/30fps range on busy moments. My GPU doesnt overheat and GPU usage averages around 60-70% with spikes during busy times.
    • I can “play” the game at 100fps on these settings, but then its unstable and crashes, my gpu gets pretty hot, usage maxed at 100%, the game freezes for no apparent reason and fps spikes can be as high as 50fps at a time.
    • I recommend similar settings for your hardware and you MUST enable framerate limiting (checkbox in-game).

When EHG can dedicate time to dealing with the game optimisation issues then we can all up the settings but for now its just not worth it.

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Hi, thank you for your response!

I’ll see if I can try the safe mode driver uninstall.

I changed my in game settings to 1080p, cap at 60 fps, and low graphics last night and went through a fairly lengthy session without crashing, but occasionally still got the black screen issue.

A quick workaround to this black screen for me is changing resolution to something else and then changing back to your desired setting. I can keep playing the game normally.

Glad you have been able to improve the stability…

The black screen is probably a driver issue… Dont be afraid to roll back to an earlier driver too - sometimes that newest drivers dont work that well with older hardware. I am still using a driver from Jan 21 (461.40) and the game is fine for me.

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