Game chat does not work

Game chat does not work and restarting the game does not work.
Please help


Chat game still doesn’t work, can anyone take care of it?

I would add that I have already written in steam discussions that chat could be useful not only global but also Polish.
I am not the only player from Poland because there is a lot of us and that’s why we hope that the problem with the chat will be repaired as soon as possible.

The chat server is a triffle flakey & has been for quite a long time unfortunately.

Edit: So unfortunately I’m not sure it’s a bug “just” dodgy chat server software. :frowning:

my chat not working too
I think that it was made by EHG for fix something

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mybe yes mybe no :frowning:

yeach :frowning:

Chat game still doesn’t work, can anyone take care of it?

We’re aware of the chat currently being unreliable. For what it’s worth, the problem is typically with how the UI in the game client works, rather than the server not working. The issue doesn’t happen consistently, which has made it difficult to track down and fix. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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You have to do something about it, because as long as there is no multi-person mode, then Chat is important.
He also understands that every other player may have a problem, but you as developers must find the cause and fix it.

Today in the morning there was a problem on the Nomad map after entering this location I was dumped after the location and I had to reset the game several times. But it is not so important.

Please fix the chat games. Thank you in advance .

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Has been happening to me everyday off & on as well. Wish I knew what was causing it.

It’s lonely out there! :rofl:

They are well aware of what their responsibilities as developers are. They are also well aware of the importance of chat in a multi-player game is. Don’t think they need a random coming here reminding them. Obviously they are aware of the issue and they are trying to fix it. If you’ve ever troubleshot something, intermittent issues are literally the worst thing to troubleshoot because they aren’t repeatable. Issues that aren’t repeatable are hard to pin down an exact cause. This is still beta… they’ll fix it.

I have this issue too, for me it doesn’t work at all.

In simmilar thread I trying to figure it out
Now wait for EHG-team answer

As for me, I think that chat-IP is banned by provider

Chat games still do not work. I’m sick of it, it’s already another day and probably the fifth or sixth day when I’m trying to get help. But developers have me somewhere.

If Chat Games does not work properly by the end of this week, I will delete the game and will not install it again.

I will add that I checked the consistency of the game files, installed the game again and looked for a log that is nowhere to be found and did everything according to the instructions.

If the developers can’t fix the stupid chat then what will happen with other things in the game.

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I haven’t had issues with chat since a few patches ago. Are you sure you have chat enabled under the [Social] tab in the settings?

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The game IS BETA. They even tell you that the game is beta. That it WILL cause some to rage. You do have the option to uninstall the game and never play it, or, you can continue to play the game and help them make the game the best it can be when it is released out of beta.

Arethwyn also gave a great tip/idea to look into.

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I’m going to put my tinfoil hat on for a sec, and say that I saw Hakaloken talking in chat the other day after I was being a little trolly in chat, and suddenly my chat stopped working.

I’m wondering if you were being a little trolly & had it turned off.

Michal (or anyone else), could you please upload your log file? On Windows you may need to enable Hidden Items in File Explorer. Or, press the Windows key and R key at the same time, type in appdata and then hit enter.

We fixed some causes of chat problems in 0.7.7f and the chat was fine for us after several hours of testing. Your log file should help us find remaining issues.

I do realize it’s frustrating, but we do need information to solve the problem if it isn’t happening internally.

Neither of you are chat banned. There should be a message in the chat window stating so if you are.

Player.log (10.6 KB) Player-prev.log (14.7 KB)

I hope it will help

Unfortunately I’m not seeing any mentions of the chat in your log file. The log file gets overwritten when the game restarts (or at least copied to player-prev). Are you sure chat was broken during those log files?