Gama freeze after entering an echo


I had it now a few times that after ill enter an echo my game freeze and i have to restart it makes me wanna quit the game cause i cant get any progress cause of this it happens after a few echos at diffrent times but always puts me 4 echos back hope u can help me

Hey, Welcome to the forums…

Sorry you are struggling… Its hard to help you as you have not provided any system details or log files - please check here and provide the logs & dxdiag info.

There are lots of possible reasons for these problems… but as you havent provided the info I have to guess… Try the following:

  1. Make 100% sure your operating system & graphics drivers are up-to-date.

  2. Disable any overlays (steam/nvidia etc) and dont try and run any other application while you are trying to play LE.

  3. Verify your game files if you are using Steam - corrupted files WILL cause crashes - especially when loading new maps.

  4. Temporarily set your in-game graphics to 1080p, 60fps framerate limited (not vsync) and set all graphics quality to very low or disabled… Test the game and see if it stops crashing… If its stable, then increase the resolution (nothing else) and test again… Then increase the framerate limit to whatever your monitor can support or less if your graphics card is older or you run a high res - DO NOT leave this unlimited… Test again… If the game is still stable, then increase the graphics quality settings one by one and test between each change… Do not go above Medium for any setting unless you are using a newer CPU & 3000 series (or equivalent AMD) GPU.

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