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Galvanize node (from firebrand) does not synergize with crossfire?

Hello, I’m a new player and struggle to find what really affect my shock chance and how to increase it. I build a SpellMage with high attack-speed Flamereave converted into ligthning to shock the ennemies. I don’t have Slash and burn node yet, wich i believe will increase my base shock chance because of the Rolling Thunder node, so I wanted to scale it with Firebrand. I converted Firebrand into a lightning skill as well with Galvanize node. Now I am spending points into flare and crossfire to increase my shock chance per stack. But when I look at my character sheet while having 9 stacks of Firebrand, I see 90% of ignite chance ! This is not optimal with my attack speed build and make no sense to me…
If anyone have the knowledge to help me, I will be very thankfull. :handshake:

Sorry if my message is not clear, english is not my main langage.

It’s likely just a display issue since the Maehlin’s Hubris gloves convert all bleed to ignite but don’t change the figures on the character screen but the devs have confirmed it works.

Which ailment (shock or ignite) is actually being applied?

Thank you for your response.

Here are the base value: ignite chance: 0% / ignite damage: 72 / shock chance: 48%
Each stack of firebrand add 10% chance to ignite. at 9 stacks, I have 90% chance of ignite.
After some tests, i can say my shock chance is still at 48% despite 9 stacks. I inflict ignite on “every” hit but not shock on every hit. I can’t be sure at 100% since there is no statut written on the target but just a visual effect.

TLDR: Both are applied but not the way i intended it to

Ps: If needed, I can record/stream for more clarity

Given how Maehlin’s gloves work, I wouldn’t entirely trust the character screen. If you are igniting the training dummy (& it visibly takes damage over time) rather than shocking it then that would be a bug & should be posted here:

There was a report back in December but the devs didn’t reply to it so it’s probably fair game:


Thanks, I’ll post there then

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