Frequent game crashes

I ve just decided this game is probably unplayable for me at the current state. It crashes way too often. After I reached “The Last Archive” I had already experienced like seven or eight crashes.

Sorry, but that is actually really disappointing. I know the game is still in its alpha phase, but while playing the official demo version not a single crash occured.

Is there any way to inspect log files or to switch the client to verbose mode?
The directory f:\LastEpoch\app\Last Epoch_Data\Logs contains only the bmslog.txt, which is empty.


Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing stability problems!

To investigate this we’ll need the following;

You should be able to upload these files to our forum and attach them to your post.


Thank you for the quick answer!

I hope these are the requested files:
DxDiag.txt (76.5 KB)
output_log.txt (39.6 KB)

The output log file is overwritten each time the game is run.

Can you remember if the game had crashed the most recent time it was run? If that’s not the case, or you aren’t certain, could I ask for a log which definitely did get generated from a time when the game client crashed? I ask because the log doesn’t reference a crash, and while this isn’t proof that one did not occur, it makes troubleshooting it much harder.

output_log.txt (22.2 KB)

That’s the most recent log file. The game stops responding and freezes. This occurs randomly. This time I entered the “The last Archive” and it froze after a few steps.

I’ve upgraded my graphics card today - problems were perhaps caused by undersized vram :slight_smile: Now it runs fine! No freezes/crashes anymore :smile:

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Thanks for the update! I’m very happy to hear that this has been resolved.