Frequent crashing

I just got the game yesterday. I was getting crashes on startup until I repaired the game. Now I was able to play and get to Chapter 3, but at Void Amalgamation fight and just after I am getting constant crashes

I’ve repaired the game and am running latest windows and graphics drivers (252.6 KB)
DxDiag.txt (123.5 KB)

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Ok… rushing out the door so giving a few quick things here.

You could be suffering from the known performance instability in LE right now… its beta and unoptimised so if you are assuming that its going to run at ultra high resolutions in ultra quality with all special features enabled and 144fps, then you are likely to have some issues when the game hits busy moments… yes… even on your 3080 intel 12 series… its the game that needs to be limited to prevent the wheels coming off… Chosing conservative settings with regards quality/fps limits and resolution may improve stability for you - provided the problem isnt being caused by something else.

Your dxdiag diagnostic section (at the end of the file) is showing some serious problems tho:

  1. The default GPU in your system is configured as the Intel(R) UHD Graphics 770 connected to your 3440x1440p LG ULTRAGEAR monitor - this is definitely going to cause problems - see below.

  2. You are getting Livekernel 141 events - this is a serious windows error that could point to any number of critical failures happening on your machine. it could be anything from operating system corruption to driver issues to hardware failures to overheating to power delivery problems to bios issues (and much more). You need to trouble shoot that - no matter what LE is doing - you cannot leave a system thats reporting Livekernel errors withou figuring out what is causing them.

  3. You are getting Bluescreens - these could be related to the Livekernel events or could be entirely separate issues. again, a Windows system with bluescreens is a BAD sign and needs to be troubleshooted and fixed.

  4. Last Epoch has crashed on the Unity game engine a few times - this could be anything from issues with GPU drivers, Windows patches or even other applications running at the same time as when you are testing LE that are potentially causing issues…

  5. Last Epoch has crashed at least once on igd10iumd64.dll - this is part of the Intel GPU drivers - LE shouldnt be trying to run on your Intel GPU - it should ONLY trying to run on the 3080 gpu. The fact that the game is even referencing the IGPU is a warning of other problems - it shouldnt be using it at all. It WILL crash and do weird things. You must only play LE on the 3080 gpu - either via changing settings in the driver or advanced windows graphics settings… Or reset your pc not to be using the Intel GPU as the default.

While the problem with LE is most likely the default GPU involved, I have had a little more time to look through your Dxdiag and the various Player logs associated with each crash dump you provided… and found some more things that, from past experience with other players having hassles, could also be issues specifically with LE.

  • VoiceMeeter Input (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter VAIO) - Users of this application, especially older versions have had a lot of intermittent issues with Unity games - its possible that this may be causing a secondary issues that is overshadowed by the other more serious issues on your system… It may also be that the VoiceMeeter drivers could be involved with your system issues.

  • As I guessed regarding the performance related instability I warned about - some of the player.logs you provided are showing graphical performance issues that are known as indicators of the performance issues - i.e. running the game at settings that are too high. There are Boxcollider and Navmesh issues as well as very specific D3d11 errors which are 100% performance problem based: d3d11: failed to create staging 2D texture, d3d11: attempt to lock null buffer, D3D11: Failed to create RenderTexture. All of these errors are EXACTLY what happens if you do not limit LE and push all settings to max or near max at higher resolutions. Even if i had not found the other more serious Bluescreens & Livekernel errors, this would explain crashing in LE.

One side note here - if you dont limit LE, it can and does behave like benchmark software and tries to max out components even if it doesnt need to… This in turn can stress components - i.e. maxing out the GPU draws a lot of power from your power supply and increases temperatures to levels where throttling and/or crashing can occur… A well maintained system would gracefully handle these instances - e.g. if the gpu was overheating, it would throttle back and not crash unless there is a serious cooling issue on your system.

In my opinion, there is definitely a combination of problems that you need to review/troubleshoot and resolve - or at the very least, be aware of so that you can act accordingly…

Just lowering LE settings, it likely to get things stable, but its like pulling back on the accellerator on a car that has problems, it will seem fine but there are still problems that need resolving…

Fixing Livekernel & bluescreens are way beyond the purposes of this forum and usually most end-users… If you dont know how to approach these issues then I would recommend having someone more knowledgeable help…

Thanks a ton for the very detailed look into the crashes. I realized I had plugged my cable into the motherboard (I just moved and set up the PC) instead of the GPU, whoops. I’ve also tried dropping settings to high and uninstalled voicemeeter, things seem a bit more stable now. I did get another crash just recently that is fairly different than the previous ones, according to the crash log. I’ve made sure my limit fps is set as well, to 144fps. (76.7 KB)

That would confirm the dxdiag showing the iGPU plugged into the monitor and not the 3080.

You need realise that resolution, quality and framerate are linked wrt. stability and performance in LE… So if the limit of 144fps is not keeping your GPU usage under control at the quality and resolution you want to play at then you need to lower whichever ones are less important to your experience. Generally speaking, you dont want your GPU to flatline above 85-90% all the time… The game will be unstable if you do that. As a rule of thumb, I suggest 60% usage while you character is standing in town doing nothing is a good target that leaves your GPU with headroom to ramp up during busy in game moments without flatlining at max all the time… baseline performance will be better and the game should be more stable if you do this.

These new crash logs show two different errors:

  1. There is something happening with the Map UI and waypoints, possibly when you portal to a new map. This could be installation corruption so I would recommend verifying the game files via steam just to be sure something new hasnt happened with your previous crashes. It could ALSO be related to the same performance issues - transitioning in maps is usually when performance problems appear because its when the CPU/GPU unload and reload map textures etc. It may also be related to a specific character savegame - this would need more work to check as you would have to see if the same error appears on all chars or only a specific one. This error happens quite a few times in the log until the game eventually gives up and crashes.

  2. You are still getting Navmesh errors fairly regularly - specifically related to the Grass special graphics settings. This could also be install related but I would recommend that you lower whatever grass graphics settings you are using.

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