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Frequent crashes with necro in Autumnal Highlands

Running Acolyte/Necromancer mastery with 20 minions (including 4 volatile zombies at any given moment) plus whatever density of monsters encounters a crash and it’s usually close to the start of the echo in the Stolen Lance timeline.

There is no Windows error message, the .exe stops responding and the game will freeze or crash itself out after around 10 seconds.

It’s happened twice now, same map, same point roughly 20sec into the echo. When I reload I’m able to restart it and complete it.

I am running on a 3080 8GB at 4K with graphics set to Very High, FXAA, FPS 60 cap. I don’t notice a particularly high load on the GPU because my memory clock runs 1150-1500MHz which is not stressing the card.

When things get really dense including particle and skill effects from monsters being added in I periodically notice FPS starting to drop before it recovers but it’s smooth and still very playable.

What other crash logs can I provide? I will be encountering this echo more and can try to capture more information.DxDiag.txt (133.7 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (497 Bytes)

Hey there…

You neglected to include the player.log from a session when you have had these crashes - this is the games debug file and will provide information as to what is happening and confirm any guesses as to what is going on or give some hint at where to look.

From your description & my experience helping out here for the last few years, you are likely to be suffering from the performance related instability that is currently an issue with LE in its beta unoptimised state.

Looking at the info you provided, you are using a laptop with a the mobile version of a 3080 - which is equivalent in performance to a desktop 3060-Ti or thereabouts - at 4k very high quality with all special features maxed out… Even with the 60fps limit, its highly likely that you are suffering from the known performance issues.

This doesnt include any “special sauce” that the laptop itself is enabling/doing/using to maintain power & temperature limits in the limited cooling constraints of the laptop. All of this could affect performance and stability - especially at the settings you are playing at.

The performance issues with LE right now present in exactly the way you describe - certain maps, particle effects, skill effects all affect FPS in a noticeable way - if there were a textbook entry for the performance issues in the game these would be the exact examples given.

You are also using a notoriously performance hungry build with multiple minions - this is another known issue with the game right now. All builds that either have a lot of minions or do screenwide skill procs exhibit this exact issue.

I would definitely recommend being more conservative with the game settings for a more stable experience. Dropping resolution & quality should go a long way in improving the overall stability as well as lessening the magnitude of any FPS drops that you experience. I would also make 100% sure that the laptop is set to maximum performance mode while testing LE and not run any other applications in background. Special features like AA and grass shadows etc, can also make a noticeable impact on performance in very specific situations.

In addition to this information (and somewhat of a confirmation of my suspicions), the dxdiag diagnostic section is showing a few important things:

  1. Last Epoch is crashing on d3d11.dll - this is the Direct X component of windows - this usually happens when the game is run on settings the hardware cannot handle or older GPU drivers. Besides reducing the settings, I would recommend that you do a GPU driver update using a CLEAN install process (or somehting like DDU)… DO NOT do an upgrade install as this will not always replace older files or replace problem ones.

  2. Your system is crashing on LiveKernel Event 141 - this is difficult to trace without much more specific information and troubleshooting but imho, you should NOT ignore this as it can point to a serious problem on your system - this kind of error can present if your system is having hardware problems - components overheating, power delivery failing, fans not working, specific component failures like memory… It can also happen when there are corrupted operating system level drivers or conflicts caused by drivers & hardware. It can even be caused by BIOS level issues or firmware on devices/hardware. Just google Livekernel 141 to see the possible issues that this error could me… I would definitely NOT ignore this error - you need to find out why its happening. With laptops, its usually something like temperature / power or drivers but anything is possible.

  3. You are also having WindowsServicingFailureInfo - this is referring to LxssManager.dll - not sure if you are trying the Linux subsystem for windows or anything like this but I would recommend that you consider running a Windows Repair or Using System File Checker in Windows to make sure your OS components are all installed.